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John 6 Scripture Study: The Bread of Life

While studying this scripture you may wonder how it all works together with the title of "The Bread of Life." Upon reaching the last verses, Jesus ties this all up in a nice, neat bundle for you. He reminds them that the manna received by their ancestors while wandering in the desert was directly from God. They had nothing to do other than pick it up every morning. Jesus himself is the bread of life for us. Without accepting him and receiving the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are left alone to wander in this world by ourselves. Even worse, should we decide against accepting him as savior, we will have nothing at the end of our earthly wandering.

Where Is Jesus? (John 6:22-25)

This is a question that they asked upon noticing that he was no longer with them. Upon entertaining that thought, they decided that he did not leave on the boat with the disciples. The train of thought in verse 23 shows that they know that no other boats came throughout the night. Because of this they are completely wondering how Jesus could have departed from them. These are the people who had witnessed the feeding of five thousand men plus women and children with a child's lunch (five loaves and two fish). In spite of being witness to this miracle, they still consider Jesus only a man bound by the limitations of this world. In verse 24 we see that the people went across to Capernaum searching for him. Now that they have found him the human mind questions how he was transported there.

If your church had a fellowship meal after the service and there were only two bowls of food to feed the entire congregation would you have made sure that you were first in line? Would you have been amazed as the long line neared the end and everyone had a plate full with plenty still left? Of course, we know that this does not happen today since Jesus is no longer here with us, but many amazing miracles still happen. How about a hurricane that sends a spear-like limb through the roof and through the ceiling but it stops short of wounding the child sleeping beneath it? How about rising flood waters that take out homes and businesses but all lives are spared? Do you have your own modern day miracle to add to these?

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