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John 10 Scripture Study: The Good Shepherd

The scripture in this lesson reminds us of who our shepherd is - Jesus Christ. Do you know what the job description of a shepherd might entail? Guardian, rock climber, and lion slayer are a few good examples of the duties that a shepherd may be called to do. He guards his sheep from the other animals, rescues them when they are in trouble (yes, maybe even if they have fallen into a ravine) and may even have to kill a lion or wolf that is threatening his flock. Jesus does all of this for us and much more.

The Good Shepherd (John 10:7-11)

Verse 7 tells us that Jesus is the gateway through which his sheep must pass. In John 14:6, Jesus says "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father, but by me." These verses provide a reminder that acceptance of Jesus as the ultimate and final sacrifice for our sins is the only way to everlasting life.

Have you ever wondered why verse 8 refers to those who came before him? Just as there are today, impostors roamed among the people of ancient times. People were able to do magic tricks and disguise them as miracles. They also presented other options to consider instead of "the way," as the followers of Jesus were referred to. Yes, there were people who wanted a share of the limelight and did not care what they did to get it. If people would believe the lies concocted by these "thieves and robbers" and follow them then the deceivers have accomplished their selfish goal. By our study of God's word and hiding it in our hearts we are equipped to recognize those who would twist his word to fit their needs. Read, study, and follow Psalm 119 verse 11.

Notice in verse 9 that we are told once again that Jesus is the door. We gain more detail from this verse, though. We see that whoever enters through this door shall be saved. Those who are saved can go in and out. What, exactly, does this phrase mean? Does it mean that we can do anything in life and true repentance will always be accepted? Yes. Nothing you can do will remove the love of God from you. Regardless of the "degree of sin" that you or others may assign to your actions, God will be there for you to cleanse those sins.

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