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Four Bible Verses Celebrating Easter

Let's start where all of salvation begins - at the cross. We will begin by looking at Matthew 27:50-53.

  • · Personal meaning - Grief - Here we see the power that God has over nature. We also see that even God showed grief over the earthly death of His Son. Some have trouble showing grief at the loss of a loved one. Yet, if an all-powerful God can show such signs of grief we should also allow ourselves to show an outward expression of grief during the times of losing a friend or loved one.
  • · Life application - Have you attended the funeral of a loved one lately? Was the feeling of loss accompanied with a knowledge that the body was left in the ground while the spirit now resides with God? It is that knowledge that should give us reason to celebrate. There will be no more pain, sorrow, or sickness for those living an eternity in Heaven.

Next we will look at the entire reason for Easter - Jesus' resurrection. One account is in Matthew 28:1-10.

  • · Personal Meaning - Power over death - Although the apostles had been with Jesus for approximately three years they still did not fully understand about the resurrection. Instead of rejoicing that He had risen from the dead, they were wondering who may have stolen the body. They had heard from Jesus' own lips that He would be crucified and rise. Maybe their own grief was still overpowering reason. Even though they had seen Jesus command the dead back to life, they did not have enough faith to believe that God would be able to raise His own Son from the cruel Roman tomb.
  • · Life application - We do not live in a world that abounds with people being raised from the dead. What we have seen, however, are instances similar to the 9-11 bombings where over 50,000 people were in the twin towers but the death toll was under 3,000. We saw miracles during the following days where people were pulled ALIVE from the rubble left behind from the collapse of two buildings which had over 100 stories each.

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