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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:28 PM   [22 Jan 2013 | Tuesday]


We constantly hear or read about faith and that by faith we shall achieve great and wonderful things, and then those very individual move on living their lives outside of faith… The reason is simple, and it because most of us do not understand exactly what faith really is. Faith is believing in something to which there is no reasonable explanation for an event or action. Faith is also understanding that events that do have an explanation did not happen as a matter of coincidence, but were influenced by Divine intervention. Having great faith is not an easy accomplishment because of all the various stumbling blocks placed in front of us as we try to live by faith. Developing our faith is also a process that requires much time and experience, and it is not something that we just acquire without working on increasing that which we call faith.

Our faith will constantly be tested and we also have our old friend, Satan, working to reduce the intensity of our faith. When we consider that all of our sins were dismissed because of the death of Jesus, it is really very difficult to accept this considering that we did nothing to be worthy of this great gift. We see that even Thomas doubted the resurrection of Jesus until he saw the actual wounds inflicted upon Jesus and only then did he accept Jesus as Divine. But this acceptance was not done in faith because it was necessary for him to actually see the evidence. Faith would have been to believe not having seen the evidence.

We all say and perhaps actually believe that we have faith, but our actions tell a very different story. Jesus tells us many things that we should do in order to make our lives more comfortable, and yet, we do not do those things… He tells us not to worry about anything, but our lives are filled with concerns and worries about the future. This is not faith and the result is that our lives are filled with stress and pain, and it is all unnecessary because God does not lie. But, we excuse ourselves by convincing ourselves that we must solve the immediate problem and prepare for our future. These thoughts are satanic influences being put into our minds in order to prevent us from living in faith and believing the promises given to us by Jesus.

We pray and ask God to take care of our problems and when they are not eliminated from our lives immediately, we begin to doubt. We do not consider the fact that many of the things for which we ask are not in our best interests, or they are merely desires that we hope to be fulfilled, but when these prayers are not answered, again we begin to doubt, and doubt is exactly what Satan wants us to do.  However, more often than not, our prayers are answered but we do not recognize this because it was not us that prayed to God but the Spirit within us that interceded in our behalf…

Trust is an essential element of true faith, but it takes many experiences that are favorable for us to overcome the lack of trust that we have developed over years of being abused by others for their benefit. Believing that God exists takes faith, believing that the atoning death of Jesus removes the punishment for our sins takes faith, but these are just words that we speak. Demonstrating that faith by how we live our lives is the evidence of the depth of that faith. Saying that we have faith but paying no attention to the statements concerning faith made by Jesus, does not validate our faith but indicates a lack of it. Jesus does not lie and if we pay attention to His advice as to how to behave is the indication of faith and also make our lives stress free and content. And, as the Bible tells us; “the just shall live by faith”, and live in this case means salvation…

It is not easy to give over our useless attempts to control our lives, but you will not be disappointed if you do give your life to Jesus and then get out of the way. But, you must do your part and read what those promises given to us are. If there is something that is not discussed in the Bible, which is highly unlikely, then pray to God for His assistance and then wait for your answer, but we must remember that delay is not denial. The answer will come when it is in your best interest and believing that is called having faith !!!

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