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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:55 PM   [20 Jan 2013 | Sunday]


There are many people that have not grasped the concept of satanic influences within our lives, much less the fact that he can influence humans. So, let us go back to the very beginning and examine the development of man and see where it leads… God created all things, and there can be no argument about that. And, when He created man, He did so in His own image. Now we must understand that image is not personality, so man must have been left up to himself to advance his own personality. God also gave man dominion over the earth, but for man, earth was the Garden of Paradise…

Now, we must remember that Satan was already on the earth and immediately influences man, or in this case Eve, to be disobedient to the will of God. This is the very beginning of man learning evil. When God comes to Adam and Eve and asks the question concerning eating the fruit, Eve says that she was beguiled by the serpent, apparently in an attempt to excuse her action. Adam tells God that it was the woman that persuaded him in his attempt to eliminate responsibility from himself. But, God is not fooled and expels mankind from Paradise. Man could have acknowledged his responsibility and error to God, but chose to excuse his disobedience, but we must recognize that Satan was there influencing man throughout this entire event. Satan is always there and even in the New Testament, Jesus tells us that after a man hears the word of God, Satan comes immediately to corrupt the lesson. Satan is always with us and using the weaknesses within man to influence him to do evil…

So, the question arises as to who created evil. Well, if God created all things, then He must have been the author and perhaps He was. However, many things can exist without ever being used, but man chose to do evil. Evil is necessary in order to determine what is good, but it does not mean that it must be used for anything except that purpose. But, Satan began his campaign with mankind and was so successful that at one point, God decided to try again. And so He floods the earth killing off all evil, but as soon as the new world begins, so does evil, because Satan still exists… God loves man so much that He gives man a second chance, but Satan has little difficulty in influencing man once again. Now, although God gave man dominion over the earth and Satan easily influences man, the reality is that Satan runs the world…

Certainly man does many good and wonderful things, but every man has his price and under the right circumstances, everyone will do evil. In fact, we have gotten so used to doing many evil actions that we do not consider them as being evil anymore. But, God loves His people and so He gives them another chance in the form of Jesus, and what does man do but to kill Him… But, Jesus is so strong that He establishes confidence in enough people to create a new Church called Christian, being the followers of the teachings of Jesus. Now, as the Church increases in size and strength, man sees an opportunity and begins to change the doctrine of the Church for his own benefit and now we have hundreds of various denominations that claim to be Christian. And if we examine and research these changes to the original lessons given to us, we will find Satan at the root…

Now, this whole thing looks pretty dim and many will say it is nothing but gloom and doom. Well, all anyone needs to do is look around the world and see the condition in which we have placed ourselves. The world is bankrupted both financially but more importantly morally. Our leaders are liars and thieves who have little or no interest in who they represent. Our children are sexually active at younger and younger ages, but that is not a problem because we allow murder under the name of abortion. Our churches allow and even condone homosexuality and we could go on, but there are many that will dismiss this warning as being paranoid. But, for the enlightened individuals that can understand the position in which we find ourselves, we still have Jesus… Nothing can take Him away from us if we are aware of satanic powers and nothing can take away the love God has for us. But, we must do our part and that is to study the doctrine given to us by God in the Bible and strive to live by those principles. And, although we may fail many times, if we get up and continue down the path that God has shown us, we will find Paradise at the end of the road !!!

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