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Ecclesiastes 9 Bible Study: Wisdom Versus Foolishness

A Look Inside

As you will see in this lesson, wisdom will help you to survive in this life. Wisdom can be used as an offensive shield or a defensive weapon. This lesson shows that a war can be won by a poor wise man. You would expect him to be lauded as the victor, yet he is forgotten. Keep in mind that we all have wisdom in some area - it could be in a mechanical area, construction, computers, or even space engineering. We also all have a great lacking of wisdom in many areas, but if we work together and include God in our plans we can do amazing things.

Break It Down

Great Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 9:13 This wisdom have I seen also under the sun, and it seemed great unto me:

Solomon wrote many books of the Bible that are centered on wisdom. The scripture for today's lesson seemed great to Solomon, so we can learn much from it. Solomon was a man who was granted a wish. He did not wish for fame or money, or even long life. Since he wished for wisdom in order to be able to lead God's people properly, he was granted riches, honor, and many other things that he did not ask for.

Now let's consider a scenario. Donald Trump picks your phone number randomly out of the phone book and calls you up. He says to you that you can have anything you want, anything at all, that he can provide for you. What would you ask for? Have you realized that God has also made that offer to you? Mark 11:23 gives us a promise that we can cast a mountain into the sea if we will only have faith and not doubt God's power. He can provide for you and everyone else much better than anyone here on earth.

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