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Thought For Today - January 18 - Our Greatest Asset !

Thought For Today - January 18 - Our Greatest Asset !


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 Thought For Today January 18
 Our Greatest Asset

    If you were asked what you considered to be your most valuable asset, no doubt you would look about you and think for a moment, then you would probably list your property, savings, home, health and family. These are indeed, great assets to everyone, but wait, there is something that made all these things possible, that something is freedom - freedom to work, to accumulate savings; to build your home, and live happily with your family.  Without this freedom we would be denied the right to speak or write our thoughts and express our opinions on important issues of the day.
    Our freedom which was fought for by the early American colonist ,and which men have fought and died for many times since to preserve, is one of our most cherished heritages. It is something which we must never lose sight of, for if we do, then the nation is doomed to totalitarianism like so many countries  of Europe.
    We must grasp this freedom and keep hold of it like a mother might grasp a small infant to keep it from falling from her arms.
    When we are going about our daily routine of living, we sometimes take freedom for granted and fail to see any possibility of losing it; but remember , it could be suddenly taken from us as easily as a piece of candy could be taken from a small child; therefore, we must all join hands and work hard to preserve that freedom. We must guard it with our lives, and if necessary fight for it.
    How can we ever hope to preserve our freedom when there are people that hate their neighbors because they have a different colored skin or a different accent in their voice from theirs, or perhaps they may go to a different church.

    When the colonist fought for freedom they not only considered it a thing for men of the same color skin and nationality, but for all men, regardless of their race, creed or color. If we foster prejudice and racial discrimination, then we have no freedom. If we refuse to have anything to do with a person just because he happens to be different from us, we are doing the same thing that the Nazis or the so called:” master race" did. When we do this, we are gradually building up hatred in our own country. In a country where there is hatred there can be no freedom, and without freedom we cannot expect peace and the many comforts which we take for granted every day; therefore we must get rid of intolerance and racial discrimination. Not until we do this can we ever hope for world peace and the end of dictators.
    Remember that our great country was discovered by foreigners and built by foreigners. If we eliminate men and women of different races, colors, and religions from our country, then we shall have little left.
    If we want peace we must strive to keep our freedom. The first step in keeping our freedom is to recognize the author of all freedom, he who created all men to be equal and to have equal rights, and honor him and give him thanks, he who is the great lawgiver of the universe. Without law there can be no real freedom, yet there are those who would bar from public view, those fundamental laws upon which our common laws are founded, namely the ten commandments handed down by almighty God to Moses.
    If there be no God whose commandments are to be respected and obeyed, why are these so called atheist who want to keep the laws of God out of public view, so afraid to have them seen. It seems to be quite ridiculous to be afraid of something non existent. Prayer and bible reading is being forbidden in our schools and public places, and we expect to preserve our freedom?  No my friends, whether we like it or not, the infallible word of God tells us that: "The wicked shall be turned into hell and all nations that forget God" Psalm 9;17
    A much quoted scripture which is very true says: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14.
    If we want peace and freedom we must strive to keep freedom, and in order to keep freedom we must join hands with our neighbors whether they be black, white, yellow or red, and realize the fact that we are one nation under God, and under God's laws, and that a separated people are doomed.

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