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Our family needs prayer and help

 Hello, My name is Charalena and our family needs your help. We despertaly need prayer. In recent years(the last 5); I have been in an accident had two brain bleeds(everything is verifiable) was unable to work. God has been good to our family I surrived, our son who just turned 18 has adjusted as well as can be expected. My husband who has had two knee surgeries during all of this is getting better(he is doing as good as can be expected from a 70+ person). We surrived the hurricane better than a lot of people here in NJ. Our church has stood by us and the pastor and congrestion has helped us stay on the path and not just give up because we do not understand why this is happing to us(we have sold everything and paid what we could, the bank offers no help(they want our house)we actually created more debt by borrowing on credit cards to pay bills. So now we owe 3 months mortgage, 1 pymt of home equity, taxes, and regular bills, we only receive disablity and social security. the church has helped with food, and paid the car insurance bill. We desperatly need help and I need a job( i hope I am able to work) I have filled out so many applications and I am either over qualified or under qualified, or the interview will go great then when they find out about the 2 brain bleeds they decide not to hire me. )


I do not know where else to turn for help but to My Lord and Savior, my God.  This is a hard thing to write and ask for help. I will take any advise, all the prayer I can get, and any help.( i have no pride left except my pride in God. I read the book of Job and know if he could maintain his faith in our father in heven after that  and God provided him with another family , That he can and will do it for me. Job also makes me humble and understand that we can surrive. I just do not understand why this has happened nor does my husband, however as my pastor says it is not for us to understand God for he created, and sees everything and his reasoning is not for us to understand. 

God Bless, 


Mood: anxious
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