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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:58 PM   [16 Jan 2013 | Wednesday]


The New Testament begins with the four Gospels all of which describe the very same thing. It is interesting to note that there are slight variations concerning the same story in each of the four books, and there are those people that think of this as being inconsistent and suspect. It is curious why four different books were used to describe the same thing, but when we understand that we are merely viewing the circumstances from different points of view, the reason becomes obvious. Not all people are the same and view what they see and think are in different ways. If a person were to ask ten people for their opinion on any subject, you would most likely get back ten different opinions. The Bible gives us these different points of view for various reasons, but the slight variances will allow all people to receive the information that was intended. An example of this aspect is the Gospel of Luke. This man never knew Jesus but he was a physician and his point of view deals with the healing activities of Jesus more than the other Gospels. John was perhaps the closest to Jesus and he shows the Divine nature of Jesus as he was loved very much by Jesus and gave him the responsibility of caring for the mother of Jesus upon His death. The remaining two Gospels show us other views and when we put them all together, we receive a total view of Jesus as well as the conditions and requirements for Christian behavior…

We must remember that variations are not differences, but just another way of looking at any circumstance. There are a few activities of Jesus of great importance that are only described in one of the Gospels and so we must read all four and put them together in order to grasp the entire picture. Again, we must also stress the point of the importance of the Old Testament and how Jesus used the Old Testament stories to illustrate His point. If a person is not familiar with the Old Testament, then that lesson is lost to them.

We should also recognize that the Bible is the only truly honest book ever written. There is no agenda for this Book except the love God has for His creations. All of us carry a certain amount of emotional baggage and this shows up in everything that we do. Authors write books and their emotional baggage influences their writings whether they want to accept that fact or not. God has no baggage except having to deal with the incredible weaknesses of man, however by definition, this does not interfere with His love for us. Unfortunately, most of us are influenced by our baggage and some have a tendency to cling to certain statements or verses that validate their feelings, but overlook other views on the subject and miss the greater lesson. We must strive to overcome this activity and a good way is to ask God for His help…

One of the things that some of us must look at within ourselves is our judgment of other people. If we use this site as an example, we find all kinds of different postings concerning many subjects. It is surprising how few comments are given on many good posts, but occasionally people do comment and for the most part, the comments are complimentary, however some are critical… Jesus tells us: Matthew 7:1-2 “Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” He then goes on to tell us that we cannot remove a speck from another persons’ eye if you have a log in our own eye.  There are many posts that are so outrageously out of alignment with biblical principles that it is almost impossible not to comment on what is so obviously wrong. But, posts with incorrect information is normal because we are all human, but we are also, theoretically, Christians and should never judge anything about our brothers and sisters in the Lord. If a person feels compelled to do something about a post that they feel is incorrect, then they should pray for that person who made the post that God will put them on the right road… And we must never forget that your opinion on the post could be wrong as well…

All sorts of people, including Satan, post blogs on this site and other sites similar to this one. There are good posts and there are ones that are not so good, we are humans, but first we are Christians and a complimentary comment may mean very much for those who have tried to be helpful to their brothers and sisters in the Lord !!!


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