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7:26 AM   [11 Jan 2013 | Friday]

Carnality: Limiting God

What is carnality or living carnal. Many people believe it is limited sin, it is so much more than that. Carnality is relying on the physical world and on our five physical senses. Hearing, tasting, seeing, touching and smell we have to use these senses, but that is it, using them and not letting them dominant us. Our body is carnal and if we do not control it, then the senses control us. When we are sick then we hear the dr tell us that we have for instance an neurological disease. We accept this as fact, when our body does not move we accept that we are dying and our body is shutting down. This is letting our five senses control us, we accept it and then run to the doctor, in most cases there's nothing they can we accept it. When we start to get a cold, we state it out loud to others,  "I'm coming down with a cold", we just claimed it and accepted it. Words are powerful and are life or death, we choose it according to our words. We feel pain and then believe our bodies and tell others, "my back is killing me". No, our choice of words is killing us. We speak out of the abundance of our hearts. I can judge myself, by my words. "I'm depressed today", or "I'm tired", if I speak those words then I know I've let my senses take control. Time for me to start focusing on God again, through Prayer, Praise, Worship and the Word of God. 

We are made up of three seperate parts: Body, Soul (mind and emotions), and spirit. Upon accepting Christ our spirit is brand new, a new creature with the mind of Jesus. Our body is corrupt and will be until, we are given are glorified bodies. We have one against one; a new creature against a corrupt body. The tie-breaker is our soul, we get to choose who wins. We can either allow our mind to agree with the corrupt body or............we can renew our mind and choose to be a victorious Believer. How do we renew our mind? We fill it with our focus being God, Jesus and the Word of God. Seek God, meditate on The Word. We get what we meditate (ponder, think about), where our focus is .........what are thoughts what we get. We can meditate on God's Word 24/7.............WHAT!!!!?????? Really????!!!!!!!!!! No Way!!!!!!!!!!???????? While driving to work, where is our focus, on our health/problems/ finanacial crisis, replace those thoughts with thoughts of the scripture. Instead of worrying, imagine being their when Jesus and His disciples fed thousands. Instead of focusing on not sinning or what the devil is up to.........Replace it with meditating on God's Love.................this is renewing the mind. Instead of watching the tv, and allowing our senses to vain imaginations, replace your tv time with reading God's Word. We wish to know God, but we constantly allow the physical world to be our focus. We want to change our lives than change our thoughts. We want God to use us, yet we ponder the physical world. The more the focus is of God, then we come to the end of ourselves. Instead of "my back is killing me" then our thoughts become "Thank you God, for the provision of healing" Instead of focusing on the evils of the world, we see God's Unfathomble Love for us. It is complete reliance on Jesus' Finished Work. Taking the focus off of self. Coming to the end of self (self-esteem, self-worth, self reliance)these words say it all..........self! If I can say of my worldly possesions I earned this house, I bought and earned this car........then we're not at the end of self. Instead, when I can say What a wonderful house that the Lord has provided for me! How awesome is His Power! 

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