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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:40 PM   [11 Jan 2013 | Friday]


We are all vexed with various problems throughout our entire adult lives. The reality is that for the most part, we help in creating these problems because we do not follow the instructions given to us in the Bible for a life of contentment. We should never forget that the Bible was written for us and gives us the way to salvation as well as contentment in this life. However, regardless of the difficulties we face, if we look close enough, we will find that Satan has involved himself in some way. So, if Satan is at the root of our inconveniences, it is just a simple matter of getting rid of Satan… Oh really !!!

The truth of the matter is that we are not honest with ourselves with regard to Satan. First of all, let us understand that Satan spends little time with non believers because these people are already doing what he wants from them. But, for true believers, it is a never ending battle of which we are mostly unaware because he is so good at what he does. His objective is to keep our minds off of Jesus, and so he creates little problems for us that keep our minds occupied with how to resolve these hindrances. We have discussed the various methods of satanic influence before and the Bible gives us many more examples of satanic methods, but one must read the Bible to discover these ways by which he interferes with our lives.

Most people believe that all we need to do is resist Satan and he will flee, and that is true because the Bible tells us that fact. Others believe that we are protected by God and do not need to be concerned, and that is partially true. God does protect those that are His but when confronted with satanic activities, He expects that we do those things that He has told us to do in the Bible. Unfortunately, if a person has not read the Bible, then they do not know what to do… But, in life, no one has ever been able to overcome satanic influences with the exception of Jesus, so we cannot expect to be able to do it by ourselves. We can reduce the amount of influence that Satan has on us by keeping our minds on Jesus instead of the minor problems with which we allow our minds to be filled. God has promised us that He will give us all that we need, so just believe Him. It really is that simple !!!

But, now let us examine our own personal honesty about resisting Satan. And, the fact is that we do not resist him that often because we want to do things that we know are wrong. Now, many will deny that they do this, but that would just be another sin called lying. We ask God for His help but sometimes do not receive it because God is waiting for us to tell Him the truth. It is far better to admit to a sinful desire then to deny it because no one is going to fool God. We must trust in the love God has for us and the understanding that He has for our weaknesses, and is far more receptive to complete honesty than He is to denial… We must also keep in mind that Satan is telling us just exactly the opposite of what we just discussed, and will attempt, and usually succeed, in convincing us that we are telling the truth but God is not listening…

We all sin, and the enormous amount of sins that we commit is actually beyond our comprehension. Just driving over the speed limit on a highway is a sin against the wishes of God because He has told us to keep all the laws of man as well as His requirements and rules for behavior.

The beginning of advancing our resistance against Satan begins with telling ourselves the truth. And the truth is that we do not always want Satan out of our lives, and then bring that information to God. It is not like this is going to be a big surprise to God, but it is the first step towards having God listening more intently to our concerns and problems. Then, we must place our trust in the promises that God has given us, but we will not know what these promises are unless we read about them from within the Bible. And then consider that when you are doing something that you know is wrong that God is standing right there with you watching the whole thing !!!

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