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12:01 PM   [09 Jan 2013 | Wednesday]

My challenge to all!

 This will be a short quick blog. My challenge is simply this.........pick up the Bible and read it for yourselves. Those who already do..........awesome!!! Those who don't I encourage you to read it for yourself. Don't do it to "earn" points with God. Do it seeking God's Wisdom. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and read it slow, not trying to get through a book or chapter a day. Do not rely on anyone else for their interpretation, listen to others, but study the Bible to reveal the Truth. I will honestly tell you, that when you study on your own, you will reach many Ereka!! Moments where the truth starts to be revealed through the Holy Spirit. You will have moments where your soul (mind) and spirit combine and it is a WOW moment. Trust me when I tell you there is NO substitute for private time alone with Just you, God and The Word. Take one scripture then look at its context and the Truth will come to you. If someone tells you that they know it all and not to listen to anyone don't walk away from them. Discover for yourself the Truth. Then you will instantly know when the truth isn't being spoken. Stir yourself up and become excited about spending time with God in the Word. Use your imagination and experience the Gospel through it! This is such an exciting time to be a Believer, Christ is Coming back.........Soon. If this strikes fear in you then you aren't hearing the Truth! in God's Love there is no Fear. There is Joy of the Holy Spirit! Will there be hard times for True Believers absolutely!!! Yet, the Holy Spirit replaces fear with boldness and Joy! Always have reverance for God, but there is no Need to FEAR His Wrath, if you have accepted Jesus into your Heart. Paul was singing with Joy in the middle of the Night, while imprisoned and after being whipped, this is the JOY that true Belief Brings!!!  Peace and JOY of The Comforter be on everyone.........AMEN!

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