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Saul (2)


12:46 PM   [09 Jan 2013 | Wednesday]


We all must face various situations in our lives that are not very pleasant and sometimes even frightening. The reason that we become fearsome is because we do not have enough knowledge about the circumstances to be able to overcome the adversity. Knowledge is the key to understanding our position and recognizing that it is something that we can handle. Now, we are all faced with a particular problem in our lives and that problem is Satan and how he attempts to interfere with any sense of contentment that we have… We have been attempting to enlighten people about the power of Satan to which some agree and others do not. Unfortunately for those that do not believe in the power of Satan, live a life filled with constant inconveniences and cannot figure out why. The reason is simple. They have been persuaded by Satan that he is without power and are a perfect example of the immense ability to persuade people of almost anything. But, the people that understand the power that we face mostly share the same concern of how to eliminate this satanic influence within our lives.

First, we must identify who our enemy really is because Satan is very subtle and extremely experienced with how he causes grief. If we use an ordinary situation as an example, we can see how Satan works but remains out of the picture so that we do not recognize his influence. You are having a bad day, or maybe even a longer period of time. Nothing seems to be going right, but a friend stops over and as you speak to each other, your friend brings up a subject that just drives you crazy at exactly the wrong time… The natural instinct is to get angry with the friend, but the reality is that Satan sent that friend to you specifically for that purpose. The friend did not know this, but Satan put the thought into that persons’ mind to do what they did. The friend is not the enemy, Satan is the enemy but we get angry with the friend. Knowledge of that particular method of Satan would have saved you grief and perhaps a friend…

Satan has an agenda and that is to do whatever it takes to get and keep our minds off Jesus. He knows that the only being that can defeat his attempts to influence our lives is Jesus and he will use all of our weaknesses against us. Many believe that all we need to do is to rebuke Satan in the name of Jesus and he will flee, and that is very true if you happen to be a child of God. But, Satan also knows that your rebuke is only temporary and just for that one situation and so he comes back again and again. And so we rebuke him again and again because he will never stop trying to keep our minds off Jesus. But, in order to rebuke him, we must recognize that it is he that is causing our problem, not our friend or the bill collector or the unpleasant people that we must deal with every day. These people have no idea about Satan and how they are being used by him to create stress in our lives.

The New Testament stories are filled with statements about Satan interfering with the Apostles as they attempted to do their work, and we are no different than they… Jesus is the only answer to this problem and we need not fear Satan because we can rely on Jesus every time. But, there is also a problem. We sometimes want Satan in our lives because there is something that we want to do that we know is wrong, although few will admit to that fact.

Satan is our enemy and Jesus is our Saviour. If we listened to what Jesus told us about worry and concern, none of us would have any problems in the first place. When we are faced with a dilemma, the first place we should go is to Jesus and ask Him for his help. We have been promised relief when we were told to cast all of our cares upon Him, but few consider this until problems become overwhelming. We could quote numerous biblical verses about Satan and his power and how he interfered with the work of the Apostles and others that were establishing the Church, but it  is not necessary as long as we understand that at the first sense of a problem developing in our lives that we immediately go to Jesus and request His help. But, we must also remember that Jesus is not our own personal wizard, but have faith that He will handle to situation in the proper way and that may not be the way we expect… As long as we understand that the job of Satan is to keep our minds and hearts away from Jesus, we can then overcome satanic attacks through Jesus !!!

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Saul | Wed Jan 09, 2013, 06:01

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 You brought up a great point Satan will send others to upset us, and bring us away from focus of Jesus. Or he'll us someone cutting us off while driving or a million other ways. We just have to continue to keep our focus on Jesus, one thing I do use is knowing that we are not battling man, we are against Satan and his kind. So if I start to take my focus and put it on another individual, then I remember this, then that takes the anger away I had for the one that I had started being angry with. I imagine that this person is just like me, with an outer garment (which is sin), then I can look past that and see what God sees, the spirit of the person. The anger is then replaced with love for that person. When we look past the physical world and our 5 senses, things become much clearer. How do we get past the physical (carnal) world. The Bible, the Word of God. Deny the body body and bring the 5 senses under control, then we develop a sixth sense with our heart and can start to see things as God does. If a impure thought crosses my mind, I replace it with a scripture. The Bible and it's Word is a huge weapon against Satan. Another weapon is Praise and Worship, if we are Praising and Worshipping God then evil spirits run. 

Awesome post 

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