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Gender: Male
Status: Married
Age: 72 Years

State: WI
Country: United States

Signup Date: 01/01/2012

  Religion & Philosophy

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   [01 Jan 2013 | Tuesday]


I've wanted to write about how I was given understanding, This is purely personal and I don't have to justify anything. When I read or hear anything connected with the bible usually 2 words come to mind- Father & love. God is my father in every sense of the word, only Him I answer to. My role is His son, to give respect, obedience and love, No.1, above all other things, take away everything but that will not change anything. My dependence is complete. Love is next. Why would He bother with me, it has to be out of love. I've failed more often then not. Don't like to quote verses but I want to perhaps be clearer. Christ said; what greater love can a man give, than he lays down his life for a friend. Also 2 commandments were given- love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Love our neighbor as yourself. And you know what? I can't measure up, I can't do anything, powerless to change anything but He says ask me I will help you. So my understanding is this, as a son how should I be? I should be strong not weak, both in the body and in the mind, I should be wise about things, not given to fables, seeing the reality, not what I want to see or hope for. Strong but with a heart but not foolish, hating the violence in this world. whether war or against others, standing up for justice not weakneed. So this is the picture I carry in my mind. I don't know the mind of God but I know what I would want.

I see many verses quoted here, very impressive, acting as those we as christians don't know any better. I don't see too many words of encouragement or uplifting on a personal level or words written with heart. "out of the many, come the few"

So I've to realize just how deep my dependence is, ThatI can't lay claim to anything not even my faith.

For those who journey thru this life, I hope you find peace and understanding as its given to you the road is tough but the rewards are great

Mood: contemplative
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