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Thought For Today - December 31 - Happy New year !


Thought For today - December 31 - Happy New Year !


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  Thought For Today - December 31
   Happy New Year!

    Tonight, most likely, the wine and liquor will flow like water. For many, the sacred vows of marriage will be desecrated. It is likely that many illegitimate babies will be conceived, only to be aborted later, because they are really the unwanted accidents of a night of pleasure and sinful passion. The highways will be crowded with drunks, carelessly taking the lives of many innocent victims. Satan will have his heyday, for this is new years eve, the beginning of another year of ungodliness and selfishness for those who know not God, nor do not care to know him. These are the lovers of pleasure. They love pleasure more than they love God, choosing rather to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.
    How sad it is to look upon the faces of these pleasure seeking revelers on the morning after, when the fun is over! The so called friends have departed, and the filth and confetti in the streets must be cleaned up. Depression in soul and spirit begins to overcome the heart and soul of sinners when they come to the realization that there is only pleasure in sin for a season, but in the end, only sadness and destroyed lives.
    Yet, more sad is the fact that many so called Christians will be among this flock of revelers, with their horns, and bottles, and banners, and noisemakers, not being distinguishable as Christians from the rest of the ungodly, worldly crowd, forgetting their covenant with God who has sacrificed his son to save them.
    What better thing could there be for the Christian, the redeemed child of God by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, than to begin the new year in fellowship with God's people, in a place of worship, around the Lord's table, remembering the precious blood and sacrifice that was made for them?
    As Joshua of old has said: "I know not what course others may take, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." To begin the new year we will be thanking God for the past years blessing and provision for us, and looking forward to another year, if God will, to remain in fellowship and communion with him, and be faithful in his service.

    This kind of new year's celebration far surpasses anything that the ungodly world has to offer with its' noise and tumult, rebellion, and noisemakers. God says: "Be still and know that I am God." Begin the new year with respect for God and his word. Be thankful for your salvation. Be ready and willing to serve him wherever he sends and whatever he asks.
    How about it, brother and sister in Christ, what are you doing tonight?
May the Lord be with you during the coming year, and may you abound in his blessing!

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