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  Religion & Philosophy

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Saul (2)


12:25 PM   [29 Dec 2012 | Saturday]


The story of the ten lepers being cleansed by Jesus is a perfect example of the reality of life. The story tells us that ten lepers met Jesus and asked for mercy, which of course, Jesus gives them and then tells them to go the priests to show them that these men were clean. This was a necessary Jewish requirement for allowing these men back into society and as they were walking away, only one turned to Jesus and thanked Him and praised God, and this man was a Samaritan with which the Jews had no dealings… Jesus questions the event by asking where the others were and that they did not even thank Jesus for this miraculous gift, but tells the one man to go on his way because his faith had made him whole.

This seems to be standard operating practice for many of the gifts that we receive from God. This story tells us that these men, who represent all mankind, have been cleansed from their sins, the leprosy being the symbol of our sins, and they just walk away… The one individual who thanked Jesus was an outsider, but he was the only one that recognized the gift that he had received. Every day, we receive many gifts from God and we do not even recognize them much less give thanks for them. We live our lives with one thing in mind, ourselves and perhaps those around us, but everything we have has been given to us and most of us do not even say thank you. People believe that they earned the material objects that they have acquired, and never think about the fact that it was God that gave us the talents or intelligence with which we made the money to buy the things that we have. But, most important are the children and how we treat our children when they misuse or break a toy that was given to them. We punish them over something that is virtually worthless and tell them that those toys cost money and they should be more careful. We do not think about the incredible gift of having the child and thanking God for such a treasure, but we chastise the child when he or she acts like a child and breaks things. We should hold our children in our arms and love them with the same love that God gives to us…

If we considered the child and our love of this wonderful gift instead of the money it cost to buy the toy, our children would much better off and so would we. Our priorities are confused and we do not even see the gift just like the nine other lepers… If we showed our love by explaining to the child the dangers of being too rough with their toys, the child will learn both how to behave and feel the security of our love for them. The child needs to feel loved no matter what, but few ever get that feeling, like the one leper who thanked Jesus.

We ask God for His forgiveness and most just turn around and walk away without realizing the incredible gift this is. Maybe it is because we do not see anything happen at that moment, just like we do not see the many gifts that we are given each day. From the moment that we wake up in the morning, we are showered by gifts from God that we do not recognize. But, there was one leper that did see the gift and Jesus told him that it was his faith that made him whole… And, if we are not seeing or receiving the gifts from God, it is because our faith needs to be examined and strengthened because we would have nothing without God giving everything to us…

Faith and love are the two most powerful aspects of life and most of us fail in our opportunity to demonstrate these feelings, even to our children much less to God. We must never say that we hate anyone, although we do not have to like them because hate will eat away at us until we begin to turn sour. Love everyone because if you look hard enough, you can find something in every person that we can love. And, you never know how God works things out. The person that you hate just might be the individual who runs out into the street and grabs your child and takes them out of the way of an oncoming car… It was love and faith that cleansed the lepers, but only one recognized that fact. Maybe we should all give some thought to what we have been given and be the one to turn around and say thank you !!!

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Saul | Fri Dec 28, 2012, 06:12

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 Amen, Amen and Amen! 

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