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Saul (2)


12:57 PM   [26 Dec 2012 | Wednesday]


The number of misconceptions concerning Christian behavior is not surprising considering the number of various interpretations of original biblical doctrine. There are many notions about behavior that are difficult to understand from where they came, but the New Testament is quite specific as to how a Christian is expected to behave. We should never forget that all Jewish Laws and requirements were eliminated upon the death of Jesus and new rules for behavior were then given to us in the New Testament…

One of these misconceptions is the principle of tithing… Tithing is not a Christian requirement and there is no place in the New Testament that remotely tells us that it is. It is possible that this notion came from the events as described in Acts when the people sold their belongings and brought the money to Peter to be used for the benefit of all. But, these were voluntary acts made by those individuals and were not a requirement. In fact, Peter tells both Ananais and Sapphira that the money that they had received was their own to do whatever they wanted to do with it, but they had lied to God and that is why they were both instantly killed. We are also told that each member of the church will have a job to do and some will be given the task of voluntarily supporting the church financially, but it is not tithing. There are those however, that do not mind tithing to their church even if it is not a requirement because it makes them feel that they are being good Christians because they do nothing else that is a Christian requirement for behavior…

Any church that requires tithing has a problem. Either the pastor and leaders are weak in their faith and do not believe the promise that Jesus gave to us that we will have everything that we need, and this certainly would include caring for His church, or these individuals have been caught up in the trap of Satan were money becomes an issue. We find that in wealthy communities that the church building is unnecessarily elaborate and the pastor lives very well. God is not interested in the building, but he is interested in what goes on inside the building, and that would be proper understanding of His words…

The other misconception is that God has a plan for each of us. What that means is not known because the Bible tells us nothing about any plan that God has for us. God does know how our lives will move along and He may have use of an individual for some specific task, but we are not told that there is some specific plan for each one of us. Again, this notion may have come from when we are told that we are all expected to do our share for the benefit of all and that no task is less important than any other. Clearly however, there are certain people God has chosen to do specific jobs and their lives are arranged for them to do these tasks; for example, preachers, evangelists, pastor and teachers of the Word. We must also remember that first of all very few individuals will ever achieve adoption as a child of God. Clearly, we all will be given the opportunity, but few will advance from claiming Christianity to becoming a true believer and child of God.

Now, there are many that will disagree with this examination of these two misconceptions, but before they take such a stand, they should study the Bible to find out for themselves the truth. Asking their pastor who requires tithing in his church would not be a wise nor intelligent way of discovering the validity of this activity. The only way that anyone can discover the absolute truth is to get it from the proper Bible and not from one that has been altered to justify misconceptions. God has given every person the opportunity to reach paradise, but there is no back door. There is only one way and He tells us the requirements, but if we do not know them, it becomes fairly difficult to satisfy His conditions for adoption. Considering that all misconceptions keep us from the truth, we must include Satan as part of these unfortunate notions. God expects each of us to seek the truth individually and not just accept what others tell us and those who do are most likely the individuals that will spend eternity in paradise !!!


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Saul | Tue Dec 25, 2012, 10:12

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 I agree, that tithing is not a requirment. However, Love is and included in Love is giving. James 2:16 and one of you say unto them, "Depart in peace; be ye warmed and filled," without giving them those things which are needful to the body, what doth it profit?"  So giving is a requirement, my opinion is that some who, question tithing just want to fulfill the requirement to be safe. Then there are others who question how the church is managing the funds, is it going to the needy? If this be the case, I say to distribute generosity where it does the most good. I knew a woman who gave 60,000 dollars to those in need. She was rebuked, saying it should have been given to the church. I most wholeheartedly disagree. God is not into tradition, He is into giving! 

Now in the case of those just giving as a requirement, I say ask The Father to work your heart, so that you can love others. I do give to my Church, because they take it and feed the hungry, the funds are transparent and they do much good in the community. Do as the Father instructs you to. 



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