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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:42 PM   [20 Dec 2012 | Thursday]


All things evil, all things that are tragic, all sin and all illness are a direct result of the influence of Satan. We know this because the Bible tells us that when Satan is finally removed from our presence, all of these events will stop. There will be no more sickness or sadness and no more tears shed in sorrow. The Bible often tells us of the influence of Satan in various events and in others, it is obvious. The first human experience is Satan influencing man to be disobedient to God and it is still that way today. Man was given dominion over the earth after it was created by God, but Satan immediately began to control the actions of man and this is still the way it is today also…

We are also told that God knows all things, which means good as well as evil. The Bible gives us examples of times when God allowed Satan to influence man to the detriment of man in order to give us a lesson, and so we must accept the fact that God allows evil but for reasons known only to Himself if an obvious lesson is not shown. However, we must have faith that whatever God allows is always in the best interests of His children even if we do not understand or see the outcome of His actions. David had an illegitimate son with Bathsheba and the son eventually died, but then David had another son, Solomon. The story of Ruth in which all three husbands died seemed to be a tragic event. But, generations later, one of the descendants of Ruth was David. So, we see that many events take place that the final outcome is years away and we never see it, but we must keep our faith and believe the promise that all things are for our best interests. This does not eliminate the immediate sadness that an unfortunate event causes us after such events, but it gives us understanding that there is a reason…

There are those who believe that God does not allow tragic events, but that man was the author of these evil occurrences. Man may have pulled the trigger, so to speak, but clearly Satan was influencing the people who commit outrageous crimes. Certainly, God could have prevented any and all evil events, so we have to assume that He had a reason to allow it to happen. If we say that God could not have prevented any of the tragic events that happen, then we are essentially saying that He does not or cannot control the actions of Satan… We know that all things are under the control and knowledge of God, even the actions of Satan, therefore there must be a good reason for these events to take place, as difficult as that may be to believe…

As difficult as it may be at the time of a tragedy in our lives, we must trust and most especially act in faith that God is doing what is right for us as His children. Instead of asking why this happened, we should look at what is it that we are missing in this lesson. God loves man as He has shown us in so many ways and it is impossible for Him to do anything that will intentionally hurt us without a reason that is greater than the event. Satan is the enemy and we should look towards him when misfortune strikes us. And, we must remember that in all of the stories in the Bible that when a righteous person experienced a tragic event in their lives that God rewarded that person or people at some point. Tragedy brings sadness but it is also an opportunity to bring us understanding that will be of great help to us as we journey through this life. When a person is found worthy of being adopted as a child of God, that person now will be given a purpose by God, but we do not know what it is. Sometimes that purpose can be painful in all ways for that individual, but it is not up to us to decide whether we want to do what God has planned for us. We must have faith that it the best use of what God has given to us and do the best that we can to do what He has given us to do. The conclusion to everything that happens in our lives, whether joyful or painful, is to have and demonstrate our faith in His judgment for our lives !!!

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