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The Tithe...The Truth (Part 2)

Remeber to re-read "The Tithe...The Truth (Part 1)" posted last week.

It's important to understand the truth that the Holy Spirit reveals to all of us. If we are truly

hungry to know God's word and how it applies to us personally, we must ask the Holy Spirit

to teach us. Having said that; we need to realize the rules are different in the heavenly or

spiritual realm than in the physical. For example, eternity does not exist in the physical realm.

In the same way, time does not exist in the spiritual realm. Gravity is a physical law , but not a

heavenly one. What would happen if you went to a hockey game and a baseball team showed

up and started playing baseball? Chaos. What? No bases, no pitchers mound, no baseball

diamond? Why then, do many Christians insist on applying physical rules to heavenly

principles? How then do many Christians say that the tithe was done away with at the advent

of Christ? When Jesus died and rose again, did God abolish all of the heavenly princilpes?

If He did, then He is not the " same yesterday, today and tomorrow".

You see, heavenly or spiritual principles initiated by God are eternal and not subject to

expiration. Paul said the law is perfect,that is the law given by God. His promises are

never ending. Jesus even said, "I have not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it." How?

By teaching believers that promises and blessings given by God can now be "perfected"

or realized by Christ in us the hope of Glory. In other words, now the principles of heaven

can be applied in us because, In Christ we are now "heavenly citizens" as the Bible tells us.

We can now recieve all of the priviledges and  benefits that eternal citizens enjoy.

Please read(Phil.3:20-21) and (Eph.2:11-13) If you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior,

then a heavenly principle has come to you....Eternal Life!  Now, as a heavenly citizen you

can rightfully apply the promise of the tithe to your life.

Due to the length of this teaching, "The Tithe ...The Truth (Part 3) will be posted later.














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