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  Religion & Philosophy

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Saul (2)


12:56 PM   [13 Dec 2012 | Thursday]


The Bible is without any argument the most important document ever given to man. It is the most purchased book ever written, but unfortunately, one of the least read books ever purchased… Almost every household has a copy of the Bible, but few actually read it, and, when the people that do read it, most of these people fail to gain the incredible amount of information available both for everyday living as well as the path to salvation. Every human experience is described in some way, and how to handle these situations are given showing both the proper way, as well as the ways that will not work out. We are shown all of the dead end roads that we may take, but yet, few pay much attention to this helpful information and travel down a dead end path. The Bible is the instruction manual for life on earth and finding the path to life in paradise.

There are many ways in which a person can read the Bible, but few recognize the endless levels of understanding and information and miss out it the miraculous qualities of the Book. Christians especially miss out in a great deal of information because they do not include the Old Testament in their reading. Surprisingly, even most Jews only use the first five books of the Old Testament in their studies and deny themselves the incredible lessons given in the remaining books of the Old Testament. The Christian Bible includes both Old and New Testaments and there is a reason for that. God did not just decide randomly to include both Books as the Bible, He wrote both books for our edification and benefit and we are missing out in much of these gifts by not including the Old Testament in our studies.

But, let us examine the word “study” and consider how each of us fulfills our individual outlook concerning Bible reading or study. Most people merely read the Bible just as they read a novel. There is no question that much of the New Testament is extremely interesting, but it is so much more than that. A person can read the same Book a hundred times and continue to gain more and more knowledge each time that they read it. Studying the Bible means that the person should examine every word and situation with great care in order to understand the lesson being given. But, underneath the obvious meaning is further information that continues in never ending levels of truth. The Old Testament illustrates to us the nature of man, and that nature that has not changed to this day. It shows man as disobedient to God and easily influenced by Satan, which has not changed since man was created. The New Testament gives us the lessons offered by Jesus and opens the doors to Heaven for the very few that follow His requirements for adoption as a child of God.

We see in the Old Testament that the people soon became tired with the requirements that God had given them for salvation and began to change these rules to suit their own ideas. The New Testament also gives us requirements, but we see that man has changed these rules just as the Old Testament people had done. Man has not changed and the requirements given by God have not changed also. If an individual were to study intensely the lessons of the New Testament, they would find the deeper understanding of these lessons and see the path to salvation much more clearly, as well as grasping greater understanding of man.

The Bible is the only source of correct information concerning life and salvation. It is unfortunate that very few will ever spend their time searching for the deeper meanings of every story and lesson, but the Bible tells us that very few will ever reach paradise. But, the greatest gift that a person gains by Bible study is finding peace and contentment while we travel this very rough road called life. In whatever the problem, in whatever the situation we may find ourselves, the answer and proper solution can be found in the Bible !!!

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Saul | Wed Dec 12, 2012, 23:12

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 I agree wholeheartedly! I would like to add that the words in the Holy Bible are more powerful, than most realize. I challenge everyone to pick any promise of God that is in the Bible and to recite that scripture outloud, everyday and as often as is will come true. Meditate on one verse day and night, it will come true. Don't focus on the negative, just on Jesus' Finished Work and God's Love for us. It is His finished work, because he's already done all the work, we only have to claim it. I liken it to; if I hand my Bible to one who doesn't have a Bible. I set it in his lap, he then comes to me and asks me for the Bible I've already given him. What am I to say? I've already given it to him, he needs only to pick it up. 

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