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The Tithe...The Truth...Part One

 The tithe....Not just any 10%, the best  10%. But, what makes it the best? After all there are

9 other ten percents just the same. The answer may lie in the sabbath and also the wedding

at Cana. The Sabbath(Shabbat): (Gen.2:2-3) "...And by the seventh day God completed His work

which He had done; and He rested on the seventh day from all the work He had done." (note:

there are many more good teachings on how we enter God's rest coming, but for this one we

will concentrate on what He is telling us about the tithe.) Verse 3: " Then God  blessed  the

seventh day and sanctified it..."   Is then the sabbath really the seventh day ? Saturday (the

sabbath ) has the same amount of hours in it as Sun.- Fri. The sun rises and sets the same

as well. Every position on the clock, every second and minute, the same. After all, eveyone lives

in a 7 day week, it's a cycle we all count on. 

To gain more clarity , let's look at the Jewish week. Sun.= 1st day... Mon.= 2nd day...Tues.=3rd 

day...Wed.= 4th day... Thur.= 5th day... Fri.= 6th day(preparation day) and thus the week is over.

There is no 7th day it's simply Shabbat(Sabbath). In other words, days 1-6 is a week and 

Shabbat is in a class of its own. Remember, the operative words are blessed and sanctified.

Special and set apart. In aclass of its own. So it is with the tithe...blessed and set apart from 

the other 90% of your paycheck or increase. It's exalted above all the rest. If we treat the tithe

as a bill to be paid or as common as the rest of our resources, then we bring it out of its' 

exalted state and into the common treasury with the rest of our money. In fact.... The tithe has

nothing to do with money.  Money is an earthly conveyance, the tithe is a heavenly one.

If the Sabbath were treated like all the other days, then where would the "Holy" be, or the

"Sanctified", or the "Blessed". By what conveyance would God be able to bless days 1-6 or

the other 90% of your increase if it weren't for the sabbath or the tithe?

Part two of this teaching will be blogged tomorrow.


God Bless,

Humbel Teecher





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