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Choice?Not 2,Not None, Only 1

Let's look at choice...If you just had to have a piece of cherry pie, but only apple was available;

 would you have a choice? Yes and No....No, because there is only apple and you want cherry.  

Yes, because you have a choice whethe to eat it or not. Now let's apply the word of God to this...

(Matt. 6:24) says..."No one can serve to masters; for he will hate the one and love the other or

he will be loyal to one and disloyal to the other. You cannot serve God and worldly riches."

The Bible knows alot about human nature. You can serve God and be rich, but with your loyalty

you can only love one.

The farmer has a choice whether or not to plant his seed, but he has no choice if he wants to eat.  

We see in Matthew quite plainly you can't choose both God and riches and you can't choose none.

It's simply a condition of the human heart,whether you believe in God or not. Both believers and

non-believers alike only have 1 heart and loyalty to give, not 2 and not none. 

We are all like the farmer; we have a choice whether or not to accept or reject God, but

we have no choice if we are to have eternity in life. Death doesn't mean "cease to exist", it

means "separation from". We have a choice as to our eternity in "separation from God"

which is eternal death or "combined with" God which is eternal life. God owns eternal life,

not us. He gives it to us by joining us with Him. 

We must understand that there is only  one source  ,not 2, not none. Darkness is not a source,

it is the "lack of" the source. Eternal death is not a source, it is the lack of eternal life.

Darkness is not its' own entity, it's the lack of light. There is no planet, star, body or source

that emits darkness. If it weren't for the lack of light, darkness would not exist. Darkness is

helpless and non-existant and relies totally on the "lack of" light. To the farmer, hunger is not

a source, it is the lack of food.

Finally, we are the only beings God gave "free-will" choice to; but He only gave us 1 choice to 

make. Listen as God makes that choice clear...(Deut.30:19)..." I call haeven and earth to

witness against you today....That I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the 

curse; choose  life that you may live, you and your offspring."

There is only 1 choice of names in all the heavens and earth by which humans can be 

"joined with" God in eternal life....Jesus. Choose life!

If you've read this far and have questions or comments, I will be sure to answer.

God Bless,

Humbel Teecher

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