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  Religion & Philosophy

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mark (2)


12:40 PM   [09 Dec 2012 | Sunday]


Sin is essentially anything that we do that is against the wishes of God. Sin is also placing anything in our thoughts or actions before God for any purpose, and there is no good purpose regardless of how anyone wants to view it. So, we sin and it is impossible for humans not to sin, but it is possible for humans to make conscious decisions and sometimes those decisions are sins, but we do it anyway… The amount of sinning that we do every day is enormous and most of the time, we are not even aware of the fact that we are sinning. We have become so used to doing certain things in our lives that we do not consider it as sin. After all, everyone is doing the same thing and therefore we dismiss it as just being normal life activities and behavior. Then, there are those sins that we know are against the wishes of God but, we do those things also and somehow are able to dismiss the fact that it was intentional sin…

As we prepare to go to bed at night, we kneel down and ask God to forgive our sins. And there are those that do not even bother doing that because they consider the atoning death of Jesus was sufficient for forgiveness, so why should they bother asking forgiveness for things that have already been forgiven. But, presumably, most people, at least have the decency to acknowledge their sins and ask forgiveness. And, for the most part, the asking for forgiveness is a load of crap because most of us are not even sorry for those sins. The least that we should do is to tell God that we are sorry for offending Him, but few think about Him and His feelings, we just want to feel better about ourselves and having sinned all day long. Now, this is where the denial part comes into play and it is when people tell themselves that they do not do that. But, we should all think about this before we make a statement that we do not do that type of thing, because if you do, we have just sinned by telling a lie…

Thankfully, God is very understanding and realizes the weakness of man as well as the power of Satan to influence man. But, God also gave us the ability to think, however, it seems that ability is seldom used, however, we do have the power to make decisions. And often times, those decisions cause sins. We must remember that there is no action that is not preceded by thought, and there is where we can stop our sinning. God is more interested in us coming to Him and being honest, but it is very difficult to go to God and tell Him that we were not sorry for our sins, in fact, we enjoyed them. But, if we did become trusting enough in the grace of God, that is exactly what we should do and that is to be honest.

The influence of Satan to help us to sin is incomprehensible, but we should never use that fact as an excuse for our sins. If we were totally honest with ourselves as well as with God, we would admit that there are many sins that we just plain enjoy. It is these sins about which we should spend time with God discussing and asking for His assistance for us to control those desires. We can be certain that God would be more impressed with that honesty, then not bringing the subject up at all. God may even offer us other activities that we find more enjoyable, but are not against His wishes. Preventing ourselves from intentional sin begins when the thought enters our minds. Now, who put that thought there does not matter. It is at this point that we should come to God and ask Him to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Clearly, no one wants to hurt God by being disobedient, but our choices are limited to doing what we want or being disobedient. God knows that it is impossible for man to stop his sinning, but He also knows that man has the ability to try and stop. It is far better to come to Him and be honest no matter how embarrassing and shameful it may make us feel and ask for His help than it is to disregard those types of sin and not include them in our discussions with Him. You may find that God will not make us feel terrible about the things that we have done but, He will help us stop those things that will ultimately hurt us, and show us ways to enjoy ourselves even more in other ways !!!

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mark | Sun Dec 09, 2012, 11:12

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Great post!

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