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12:38 PM   [07 Dec 2012 | Friday]

Where is the king?


Are We Searching the Right Person In the Wrong Place?


Scripture:  Mt. 2:1-23

The wise men from the East were searching for the King Child-“ The King of the Jews”just newly born. An unusual star that appeared to them in the east led them on their journey.  

1. Instead of following the star till the end, THEY PRESUMED THAT A KING COULD
    HAVE BEEN BORN ONLY IN A KING’S PALACE. They were overcome by reason than
   following Divine guidance! Many have ship wrecked their faith by going away or by    compromising God’s revealed Word and signs to their natural scholarship and      human knowledge. They knew that the child will be born in “Bethlehem”. Why did they go toJerusalem? They assumed that a king child would be born in the palace. The wisdom  Of the wise went wrong. Millions to-day are seeking God’s revelations in wrong places! And they every one of them return empty.  Where are we seeking Him to-day?  

2.The wise men from the east were to decide, whether to return to their own country  Or to continue seeking the KING OF THE JEWS! They consulted no other human being but looked up! When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.(Mt.2:10). When we listen to our natural instincts rather than walking in faith in  obedience, the guiding star will disappear. Many people begin their journey but give up half way because they listened to wrong voices. But once we look up for hale and confess our failure, THE STAR WILL APPEAR AGAIN and we read that the star guided these wise men till the manger, where the new born king child was laying. ( Mt.2;9).




   “ Being Confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you

     Will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  ( Phi.1:6).

God never ditch us in the middle of our journeys, even if we fail on our ways! Let us Rise up with this hope and promise that He is at work with our lives. We will fulfillOur destiny. Amen!


3.And when these wise men came in to the house, they saw the young child with Mary his Mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. (Mt.2:11). Joseph the supposed father,Mary the mother, Zacharias, and Elizabeth, knew who Jesus was, But these men From the east..were they Jews? Were they gentiles?...we do not know. The temple Of Jerusalem was there, the high priest was there and several scholars werethere, but God called the “True Worshipers” from the east. “They fell down andworshiped Him”. Just a while ago they were in the Great Herod’s Palace. I am sure, they were received with honour. Herod was a king but they never bowed down to worship the human King. This “King of the Jews”, is just a child in a smallhouse and had no palace” and yet they knew that the child there was GOD IN  FLESH. And so they fell down on their face and worshiped Jesus. And this is true wisdom.  

These men traveled, searched and took all the pain to find the “Child King”. Andthey were carrying  their “Treasures “and offered gold, frankincense and myrrh.GOLD- FOR THE KING, FRANKINCENSE - FDR HIGH PRIEST -AND MYRRH-FOR ISDEATH AND BURIAL.  Three dimensional Office  of Jesus they saw in this child. The treasure was not opened and offered to the wrong king- Herod. They neverdiscussed it with him.  WHAT  BELONGS TO GOD BELONGS TO GOD ALONE. And aswe remember the birth of Jesus to-day, what are the treasures that we offer him? True worship and God honouring worship is both worship…singing, praying, readingand meditating his word, fellowship with Ecclesia plus Giving the Best Offering that honours THE KING OF KINGS. 

4.The wise men had a dream in which they were given very clear instruction to Travel in a different route to their country. When we are obedient to God in ourFirst revelation and mission, the Lord will continue with further revelations. We May not get a Revelation of John in the Island of Patmos, rather a step by step Revelation will follow! It’s amazing how God sent these wise men away in safeJourney,; for if Herod would find them, he would certainly kill them. It is remarkableto notice how these wise men were  “heaven connected”. This is a privilege for atrue worshipers. The hand of God will protect, deliver, and guide till the end. 

5.Herod the Great waited for the wise to reveal the where-about of the King of the Jews, but never received any information. He was very Angry and orderedthe “Slaughtering of all male children at the age of Two and Under! The following Herod slaughtered the head of John the Baptist. They were Killers of anything ofJesus and His kingdom! His kingdom was a kingdom of bloodShed and terror. (Mt.2:16) THIS IS BECAUSE HEROD THE GREAT WAS TERRORISED WITH THE NEWS THAT THE JEWS UNDER HIS BONDED RULE RECEIVED A KING. Oh!Yea, when Satan hears the name of Jesus, he trembles and there is panic and Terror In his face. He knows well, that all knees will bow and every tongueshall confess That Jesus is Lord. He knows that his kingdom will end soon and end up in HELL. He reacts angrily. Behold! We are more than conquerors, through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.

Any one of us journeying in the Flesh invites persecution to the community of God’s People, who ruled by these type of kings. God’s people are still a minority. TheResult of human wisdom resulted in paying “innocent Blood” as a ransom.  

6.Even Jesus had to Flee to Egypt. And this is in fulfillment of a prophesy (Jer.31:15).Egypt was used by God to serve, secure, provide and nurture His Children, evenfrom the Old testament Times. But this is only a temporary arrangement. The KingHerod died. (Mt.2:19-21) Arise now and go for “DEATH –DIED” THE ENEMY –DIED,YOUR TIME IN CAPTIVITY IS OVER; YOU NEED NOT TO LIVE HIDING. Go to the land ofIsrael” was the Word from the Lord. That’s where is your destiny is fixed for.  

May the Lord Bless and make His face to shine upon Us. He is Emmanuel- GOD WITH  US.




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