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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:57 PM   [04 Dec 2012 | Tuesday]


In case no one noticed, we have not had any great attacks from Satan against this site for quite some time. This may sound like a good thing and, in a way it is but do not be fooled. Satan will never give up and it would not be surprising if he mounted a major attack at any time. We must constantly be aware of his attempts to infiltrate this site and do not ever think that because we have not seen him for a while that he has given up. One of his methods is to do exactly what is happening now, whether it be on this site or in our lives and that is to get people to establish a false sense of contentment. Once a person feels that Satan has left them alone for a while, they begin to reduce their vigilance and that is for what he is hoping.

It may surprise some people to know that Satan is, in fact, still on the site in the form of a member or maybe a few members. His workers are everywhere just waiting for an opportunity to attempt to influence others to the will of Satan. It may be done openly as we have witnessed here when he loads the pages, or it may be done with very subtle posts which place thoughts into the minds of the readers. The posts may seem to be insignificant, but there is an underlying meaning that is almost impossible to discern. This not only happens on the site, but in our daily lives as well.

An example of one of his methods is to cause an event to happen in your life that creates discomfort, and it is usually emotional discomfort. Perhaps a friend says or does something that bothers us and hurts our feelings. We then spend endless amounts of time trying to figure out the reason or reasons why this person did this to us. This is a dead end road and we can consider every possibility but will never know the reason and so it is useless to even try. But, it does accomplish one thing and that is to get your mind off of God, and that is the objective for which Satan is hoping. In a sense, our thoughts could be considered as worrying and we know what Jesus has told us about that. The easiest way of handling a situation such as this is to just give it to Jesus and ask Him to correct the problem. It is amazing to experience the event that it actually happens too… Not only have we done the proper thing by giving our concerns to God as He has told us to do, but we have also saved a friendship. And, we have beaten the attempts of Satan to upset us !!!

The members of this site are theoretically Christian in their belief. Satan hates any individual or group that is Christian and will concentrate his efforts to disrupt every activity that is Christian. Because we have recognized his attempts to upset the site by loading the pages and have resisted that method, he is at this very moment thinking of other ways in which he can cause us problems. Most people feel pretty satisfied that he has not bothered us recently, but there are those that know that this is a sign that we are going to get hit with a major attack at some point, probably sooner rather than later. We are actually at a weak point right now because we are in the middle of the holiday season and our minds are filled with other things. This makes it a dangerous time for us because our vigilance is at a low point, and Satan will wait until we least expect it before he starts his attack…

This is not a matter of if he attempts his attack, it is a matter of when he will begin. It is most important now to be ready by realizing that Satan is not going to let this go because he thinks that he cannot win, because he believes that he can always win, so we must be ready to resist him immediately. Do not be fooled because there has not been much satanic activity on the site, at least not that we can recognize. He is here and he is preparing and we must do the same. And, this also applies to our individual lives as well !!!

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