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 I've taken a hiatus from blogging while I managed some great decisions. It seemed only natural to blog today after such a monumental day. Today, after thirty years I renounced myself from the ministry and said goodbye to my church congregation. This incredibly difficult decision came from a seed a little girl planted a few months ago. I know now that God brought this young lady to me. She was meant to remove the scales from my eyes and show me the truth. Whole this young lady exhibited grace far beyond her years, it was that very grace that opened my eyes to the truth. The past month has been spent on prayer and deliberation. Hours upon hour, day upon day I waited for an indication of what this feeling meant and finally The Lord delivered me from any doubt when he filled me with his Holy Spirit as I spoke in tongues. I walked away from my life today, but I began a new one as well. Don't be so grounded in what you already know to miss what God is trying to show you. For the longest time I couldn't understand why God would make this young lady endure such suffering, but without a single doubt I can say I understand now. Her grace despite her suffering is what saved me. I didn't walk away today alone but with my family who sees the truth now too. Her trial has saved seven I know. Nevermind the blessing she must bring those she encounters daily. I walk confidently in this new direction. I urge you to step out of your comfort zone. Be willing to hear God. He'll speak to you through those around you if you only listen. I do know when I return from El Salvador one of my first stops will be to that very church in Brighton that sent me that angel. To God be all the glory. 

Until I return from El Salvador,

a man God found in his old age. It's never too late. 

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