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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:20 PM   [26 Nov 2012 | Monday]


One day becomes pretty much like every other day, and often we are not even certain what day of the week that it is.  As the end of each month approaches, our anxiety level increases because the bills start coming in and we wonder if we can pay them all. We begin to become worried that anything out of the ordinary will place new stress on our already stressful lives… One of the kids needs braces on his or her teeth and you just cannot figure out how you will manage that. The car is beginning to break down and needs repairs more often, but a new car is just not possible especially with one of the kids going to college and the assistance did not come through. The government assistance to your elderly parents keeps getting less and they look to you for the help that they truly need, but there is no way that you can afford to help. You find it difficult to sleep and strange headaches are causing you concern, and this has been a good month !!!

There is no one that you can talk to about all these feelings and events because all of your friends are pretty much having the same problems, plus you do not want them to know how bad things are. There are days that you think that you are going to explode and you just cannot hold back the tears. And, when you look to the future and listen to the news, it is pretty certain things are going to get worse.

But, there is one thing that you have not thought about, and that is that all of these things were there yesterday and the day before that and the day before that, and yet, you are still here and somehow you managed to get through all those days. And, some way, you’ll get through today and tomorrow and the day after that too. But, everything is still coming at you and the stress is still there. You do not recognize the satanic influences that surround you and are keeping you from realizing that God is taking care of you. You do not remember that Jesus promised you that He will supply all of your needs and that you only need to be concerned, not worried, but just concerned about today.

Satan will keep you thinking about all of the things that could happen, but you forget that “could happen” does not mean “will happen”, and so you worry about stuff that will never enter you circumstances but this keeps your mind off of the promises that God has made to you.  God is not like people who tell you that they will help and then do nothing. God has given us His word that we will have everything that we need, but sometimes we get confused by what we need and what we want.  It is true that you do not have a new car or the savings account has dwindled to almost nothing and your sense of security is gone because of your lack of savings, but you are still here and nothing bad has happened.

The problem is that Satan has you thinking about earthly things and disastrous possibilities. You look at money as a sense of security, but the only security that you should consider is the love and honesty that God has for us. Do not let Satan get into your mind and introduce thoughts of personal doom, and remember that a thought is just that. It is not a guarantee of any event, but you do have a guarantee that you will be alright and it comes from God and it is pretty certain that you can rely on His word…

Satan is having a great time during these days when the world is turning upside down. Almost every nation is essentially bankrupt because of foolish and greedy management, and we wonder why God has allowed this to happen. The reality is that we will never know as long as we are alive, but we can be sure that there is a good reason. Trust in His judgment for us all but especially you and your loved ones and remember, you are still here and God will care for you so you need not worry !!!

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