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Blue Rule In America

 On the evening of the Presidential election I wrote that America had died.

One reason I came to that conclusion was that the President

Had at that time been fully vetted;

His past and his ideology being fully exposed.

Most of the the electorate knew the true nature and character

Of this anti-Christ man and voted for him anyway;

So called Christians included; Revealing the true nature and character

Of at least one-half of the American electorate; the “Blue” half;

The anti-Christ half; the Babylonian half.


In the face of numerous scandals,

A Health Care bill that promised even more abortion;

Passed in an illegal manner, requiring many political “kick-backs;”

Forcing everyone to purchase it; a gross violation of freedom of choice;

Requiring that Christians purchase it in violation of their conscience.

A Stimulus Bill of almost a trillion dollars spent with nothing to show for it;

An increase in the size of government and its attendant overspending,

At the rate of more than a trillion per year;

The accumulation of national debt that will never be paid off,

Making slaves of this generation and those to come.

The President's shadow government of Czars, behind the scenes,

Regulating America to death;

Unemployment that shows not sign of abating

And no plan to bring it to and end.


This man promised to “transform” America into his image;

A socialist utopia which is anti-Christ;

The antithesis of the founding of America and it's Constitution,

And unachievable because God will not allow it to exist for long.

Such a government would be wicked to the maximum.

However, what Satan has in mind

And what Scripture foretells is coming is even more wicked,

An absolute dictatorship for the whole world

Under the rule of the son of Satan, The Beast, Antichrist.

The current president is simply laying the groundwork for that event.

America under “Blue Rule” is laying the groundwork for that event.

The reconstitution of the Tower of Babel; One World Government.


If “Blue America,” anti-Christ America, Babylonian America,

Is able to capture the majority

In the House of Representatives in 2014

They will then control the three branches of government

And have free reign to do as they please.

If American politics continues on its current path, that will eventually happen.

This is a result of the spiritual poverty of America.


Interesting, is the fact that California is a harbinger of “Blue Rule;”

California which has spent itself into oblivion

Trying to achieve it's socialist utopia, is having to raise taxes again.

This will go on until it can raise taxes no more.

All socialist governments are doomed to failure because they are anti-Christ.

All the ones in past history have failed;

They are all against God, His Christ Jesus and His Word and cannot succeed.


Interesting, is the fact that wherever “Blue Rules,”

There are always economic problems,

As God frustrates their anti-Christ enterprise.

SIN against God always brings frustration and ever increasing wickedness.

There is no rest for the wicked.


What can one do who belongs to Christ?

What those who belong to Him have always done,

In every previous generation; Live for Him.

Stand against evil where ever it reveals itself.

The fact is that when the foundations of God's righteousness are destroyed

There is nothing the righteous can do but stand for and live for Christ.

We know the END of the story.

ALL The labor of the wicked is FUTILE; it comes to nothing!

An unrighteous America is a drop in a bucket, less than nothing,

Worthless before the Living God.


Those who live for Christ are storing up treasure in Heaven

As His witnesses; bearing fruit for His Kingdom.

We are not seeking a self-satisfying life in this world;

We are not friends of this world that is the enemy of our God;

But understand what awaits us in our real and permanent home

Is infinitely more wonderful than anything that exists here on earth.

We will see Christ face to face and when we do will be like Him, FOREVER!

That is what we put our faith, hope and trust in!


It is a painful thing to see family, relatives, friends

And a whole nation

Give in to wickedness, understanding it's inevitable outcome.

I pray for those who have made or will make

A confession of faith in Christ Jesus; that God would strengthen them.

The eyes of the Lord look over all the earth to strengthen those

Whose hearts are fully committed to Him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

Let us be among those who are fully committed to Him.


Today, the world is raging against God, rushing toward oblivion. (Psalm 2)

America is being ground to powder because of her SIN against God.

Save yourself from this Corrupt Generation! (Acts 2:40)

As God has written, so shall it be! Hallelujah! Maranatha!

Father, Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as in Heaven! 

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BrotherRoy | Sat Dec 29, 2012, 18:12

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It's no doubt, to me, after watching Obama for the last 3+ years that his a apostle of the Devil. He and men like him have sold their soles to evil to get where they are at today. Millions of so-called Christians, either stayed home or voted for this Devil. My though is that God is going to judge America just like he judged the Jews during Bible Times for turning their back on him and worshiping other Gods. i.e. like power, money, sex and worldly things.

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