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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:29 PM   [23 Nov 2012 | Friday]


Although Thanksgiving Day is not a religious holiday, it is the beginning of the holiday season, the largest and most important of the days being Christmas. Well, that used to be true, but because of various groups, Christmas is no longer the reason for this season. In recent years, slowly, the important reason for the holiday season has changed. Laws have been passed that now make it illegal to include the word “Christmas” and be replaced by the word “Holiday”. The interesting part of all of this is that while the Christian holiday has essentially been eliminated, many other religious observations have been allowed. We now have Latino and African holidays that are celebrated and none of the Jewish holidays were affected, but somehow Christmas has become illegal…

The Christian community is one of the largest groups in this country, and the outcries and rebellions against Christmas being removed did not happen… It is absolutely astonishing that this could happen especially in a country based upon Christian principles. But the Christian community is made up of individuals, and so each one of us must share the responsibility for this to have occurred. Clearly, God must be very proud of His people when they did nothing to prevent the celebration of the birth of our Saviour from being changed into a season of materialism and greed.

It is also interesting to recognize that at a time when people should feel happiness and joy that it is the most depressing time of the year for three quarters of society. The suicide rate climbs exponentially during this season and there is more violence than any other time during the year. This is a strange series of events at a time that should create peaceful feelings between mankind. But, let us go back to the very beginning and examine what happened in order to gain a hint concerning the nature of man. Mary and Joseph return to Bethlehem to register in the census, and Mary is obviously about to give birth. Bethlehem was not a small town but they could not find an Inn that would consider her condition and make any sort of accommodations for her. We can be certain however that if the couple had enough money, they would have had no problem finding a place to stay. It was about money then, and it is about money now…

Our children are growing up not knowing or understanding the importance of Christmas. To them, it is all about the gifts that they will receive and to the adults is about the aggravation of shopping for these gifts. Each of us should take the time to spend with our children and explain to them the events that took place over two thousand years ago and the consequences as a result of that single event. And when we take the time to tell them about the birth of Jesus, we should be certain that we are accurate. Three wise men did not visit the birth site; in fact, we do not even know how many wise men did visit Jesus a few years later. All we know is that three gifts were given to the family, and many people believe that this is how the idea of giving gifts began. But, since these men were not even at the birth, this notion is incorrect…

We should explain to our children the importance of the greatest event that has ever happened and why Christmas is not about the gifts that they get, but about the goodwill that we should be demonstrating to all others… And, then we should try to explain to them why we allowed Christmas to be reduced to just a day off from work and giving, mostly useless, gifts to each other. Maybe, we can instill in our children the courage to stand up and fight against the forces of evil that has caused this incredible diminishment of the great Christian event that ever took place, and then try to explain to them why we did not take a stand against those who removed the importance of Christmas !!!

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MichaelSnow | Wed Nov 21, 2012, 22:11

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Whoops!  Thanksgiving Day is a distinctly Christian Holy Day in its roots and many churches have special community Thanksgiving services.

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