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10:01 AM   [21 Nov 2012 | Wednesday]

God Works or Dead Works

 Our works through our ability= dead works

 We, as the human race, still doesn't "get it". We rely so much on our capacity for understanding and knowledge that we toss out our Creator's Wisdom and knowledge. Even those that seemingly possess intimate wisdom fall short of God's wisdom. Let's see the "Grace Controversy", what is grace, what is mercy? I've often heard the saying "I've sinned, Thank God for His Grace". Wow, talk about a complete misunderstanding of Grace. That statement falls under God's mercy not grace. If I'm walking in God's Grace I won't sin........simple as that. Grace is unmerited favor, yes! Even more than that grace is God's Abilities, his power! When we truly walk in Grace we are walking in God's power through Jesus' finished work. Let's look at a few definitions what does Paul mean when he talks of walking in the flesh. "In the flesh" means that we are trusting and relying on our own abilities. "In the Spirit" means relying or depending on The Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost. Dead works is any work that relies on my own ability. Legalism is anything that depends upon my performance. Example, if I think I find favor with God, by studying the Bible everyday. Should I study the bible, absolutely! But, I do not get "brownie" points for it, because it's to my benefit, anyway. Another example is, if I think I lose points with God for not studying the Bible. Take the focus off of self and put the focus on Jesus finished work through which I have God's Grace. 
Now let's put all this together it's simple if I am truly walking in God's Grace (His Abilities), then I cannot sin. In our walk with the Lord there is sin consciessness then there is Christ consciessness. Sin conscienceness is white knuckling, trying not to sin by my own ability. I compare it to a cigerette smoker trying to quit. This person is forever trying not to smoke, the cigerette still controls him/her. When walking in God's Grace, the smoker completely forgets about the cigerette, because they are using God's Power not their own. We hear so much about not sinning, but we don't hear about how not to sin. If we are striving not to sin, then we are walking in sin consciessness not in God's Grace. For a better understanding of this go to Dr. Jim Richards site at   
Mercy is not receiving what I deserve. When I step out of Grace and sin, then I receive God's mercy through Jesus' Finished Work. 
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