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What's Really Important

Freely we have received, freely we give - and grace for grace!

A gift can only truly be given. Anything else and it is no longer a gift. And for that matter, the receiving of any gift is a gift - the grace to welcome a place, a home, an appreciative heart for the gift that is offered. One is not without the other. True male and true female personify such in all their orientation, in all their being. And they epitomize our Great God who has worked a great mystery, but now which is unfolded. Your Kingdom, Your World Comes, Your Will Is Being Done on the Earth even as it is in Heaven. This peace on Earth and good will towards mankind is why Christ came, why he comes right now - presently, and so shortly - it is all part of the Day of the Lord ... IT IS the Day of the Lord which he has made! In this we shall be glad and rejoice. We are not to be waiting for this to happen but to hasten ( hurry, speed-up) it. ( 2 Peter 3:11-12 ). What better way for the Word of God to become real and alive in our lives than for us to show the gift of Jesus Christ, the Grace of God, working mightily in and through us, by being one with the Holy Spirit even as Jesus was. Let us not say nor think that that only happened because it was Jesus. Who are we to insult God the Creator for the creation of humanity as if he fell short somehow - as if he is responsible for the wrong, free choice of people who sin ... sin which is directly caused by the lie of selfishness which automatically leads to sin and death. This is the failure. Love is perfect - there is no more - it is everything, but there sure is less. What the Lord Jesus Christ did was to undo/destroy this work of the devil ( lived spelled backwards) and restore us to our God-given "for-given" rightful state of creation ( born-again) so we might once again get it right ( choose Tree Of Life instead) like Adam/Eve should have - like we now should. But we must, each of us, choose freely and for the right reason of love, to desire entirely the fruit of the Tree of Life or the perfect way of God so that we do not utterly fall forever with no way out of the wretched curse of eternal darkness and the hellish suffering, pain, and torment of being selfish and all the unspeakable sorrow it causes. After this, there is no more excuse for us. There is no salvation from such utter despair. Does this make sense? Jesus sought to make it as easy as possible. His yoke is easy (but bondage is hard) and his burden is light (but darkness is oh so heavy).

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