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Gender: Male
Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

Signup Date: 03/03/2009

  Religion & Philosophy

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12:34 PM   [17 Nov 2012 | Saturday]


There is a particular victory that Satan has enjoyed for a very long time, and even with his immense ego, he cannot reveal the extent or content of this success. We know that his greatest triumph is to make certain people believe that he has little influence and others believe that he does not even exist. But, we have seen his actions on this site and have been able to resist him almost every time and be victorious over him. And, resisting is very easy, but it must happen as we have witnessed. Allowing Satan to get a toe hold into our thinking that it is insignificant can only lead to disaster. Satan must be dealt with immediately regardless of how much he attempts to influence your thinking that it does not matter…

We have been trying for a long time to warn every one of the tremendous power of Satan and some of his methods of attack. Some people agree and find new understanding and new strength in dealing with satanic activities. Others do not agree with our assessment and unfortunately these are the individuals that have become influenced and as a result do not get the proper understanding that will lead them to entrance into where we all want to spend eternity. But, we will continue to warn people of every attack that we recognize regardless of their persuasion concerning Satan.

Now, the extremely important victory that Satan must keep secret is that he has convinced millions of individuals that they are just fine with God and will spend eternity in Heaven. And, he has been doing this for a very long time… In our discussions concerning entrance into paradise, we have explained that merely saying a few words and claiming Christianity is not going to get us into paradise for eternity. We do understand that accepting Jesus as our Savior will keep us out of eternal punishment, but it does not give us a pass into New Jerusalem. Jesus tells us of this fact Himself and explained that very few will pass through the gate. The New Testament would have no meaning if all we needed was to claim Christianity. We are also told by Jesus that gaining eternal paradise is like the leaven in the barrel and that gaining entrance as an adopted child of God is a process. The rest of the New Testament gives us the requirements that must be followed in order to get our ticket. But, Satan has convinced countless millions that there is no reason to go any further than just claiming Christianity and asking God to make us a new person. Unfortunately, Satan has influenced most people that doing only that is sufficient to get us our ticket through the gate.  These people just go along with the rest of their lives believing that they are fine and will spend eternity sitting next to the pool drinking Gin and Tonic.

True believers know that adoption into the family of God is a lifelong endeavor, but Satan has convinced most others that it happens immediately upon claiming rebirth. The New Testament is our instruction manual to achieving and obtaining our way through the gates of New Jerusalem and there should be not disagreement with that fact, but many poor souls everywhere will argue this point. Satan has done his job and, as usual, has done it very well…

We have been given very little knowledge of what happens to us after we leave this world. We know that there is Heaven and hell and perhaps a few places in between. But we do know and there can be no argument about the words of Jesus when He tells us that very few will pass through the gate. Satan would have us believe that everyone is going to pass through and has convinced most that this is true, but he is a liar. Each of us should consider our own beliefs about this subject and see where and what we believe. If you think by saying a few words is sufficient, then you have been attacked by Satan and he has scored another victory, and he will continue to convince you that you are just fine !!!

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