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Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:44 PM   [31 Oct 2012 | Wednesday]


When God created man, He gave us a mind, and that makes us different from all other animals that ever walked on the earth. He also expected us to use that mind to reason out things that arise in our lives, and that is called thinking… As we experience more events, we gather information that we can use in our reasoning in order to solve problems or questions. In the old days, people increased their ability to think through experiences, but today, we have schools. But, we have a problem and that is that most schools have forgotten the reason that they exist. Unfortunately, teachers think that the subject about which they instruct us is important. And, it is important, but only because it gives us information and that is part of the real importance of education, which is to learn how to think and reason. The largest problem that we have today is the computer. We need not know much about anything because all we have to do is look it up on the computer and we have the answer. We do not need to use our ability to think or reason, but this is unfortunate and also another subject. The purpose of this part of this discussion is to determine, by using our ability to reason, certain aspects of the Bible and which is the correct one to use in our studies of the words of God.

We all recognize that there are many versions of the Bible and most, if not all, have been altered in some way. Reasonable thinking tells us that if all the various revisions are made from the Authorized KJV that the KJV is the original and true words of God… It is the first valid translation into English which also verifies the authenticity of this version as being, in fact, the true words of God. The importance of using the correct Bible is essential to grasp the understanding of why we have a Bible in the first place, as well as instructions to achieve adoption as a child of God.

The Bible is the most importance document ever given to man because it is the words of God and His instruction manual for us to become one of His adopted children and spend eternity in His presence. Again, reasonable thinking should tell us that merely saying a few words is not sufficient evidence of our commitment to God and believing that it is good enough is unreasonable. The Christian Bible is made up of two parts, the Old and the New Testaments, and there is a reason for that. First of all, the Old Testament gives us a tremendous amount of information concerning the nature of man, the power of Satan, the manner in which God interacts with man and the wisdom gathered from years of various experiences. It is also a necessary element in order to understand the lessons given to us in the New Testament when we are given Old Testament events to explain a lesson or doctrine. It is essential that the Old Testament be a major part of our Bible study !!!

Now, as we begin to read the New Testament, let us use our ability to reason and discover what we are receiving. Most people believe that by asking Jesus to save us that we will be saved and go to Heaven when we die. But, although it is true that Jesus gives us salvation, we must consider from what we are being saved. Salvation means that we are saved from something but not given anything. So, we are saved from punishment from our sins, but this does not include entrance into Heaven. Jesus also redeemed us from Old Testament requirements for getting into Heaven, but that does not mean that new requirements did not take their place. Reasonable thinking should tell us that considering the enormous gift of paradise, it is not obtained by just saying a few words. After the Gospels, we are given the new requirements to achieve adoption as children of God and we are expected to show our sincerity by the amount of effort and faith in attempting to adhere to these new obligations for adoption. As we go through that school, we will be tested constantly just the way it is in earthly schools in order to find out what we have learned. Reasonable thinking also tells us that when Jesus tells us the few will enter the Kingdom, that He really meant it because it is impossible for Him to lie.

The Bible gives us the only way to achieve adoption and should be read with that fact in mind. There is no other way, although there are many that think that there are other ways, but reasonable thinking tells us that they have to be wrong. God gave us the Bible and His purpose for that was that we should use it as the instruction manual for how to get to spend eternity in paradise. If that is not the reason, then there would be no necessity of having a Bible at all, we would only have to say a few words and we would get into Heaven… Does that sound reasonable to you ???

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joyful | Thu Nov 01, 2012, 12:11

Sir:  When we are being "REASONABLE" where does "FAITH"& true "PERSONAL" acceptance of God's Love  come into the picture?  

I beleive that it is thru "grace" & Jesus shed blood that we are saved--PERIOD!  ..and I believe that which we are saved from is HELL!  Now anything less than that is merely by "WORKS" & the Bible (EPHESIANS 2:8&9) clearly says it is not by works , that we are saved.  I think of the soldier who cries out to God in his last breath--or the person in an accident who just before they expire they reach out to God for forgivenss!  I also used to say the "thief on the cross' but people have told me he was under the law in the OLd Testament--not under "grace' b/c Christ had not yet shed his blood!----I still question that....but do not know how to prove it is not entirely so--anyhow at the time Jesus said "today thou shalt be w/me in Paradise"!--(not after you get Baptized or do good works or whatever.......).'This Day'!.....

In any of these cases there is no time for "works" of any kind--they died & gave the "repentant" prayer & I always felt that God took them , then, into his Bosom!

You have great knowledge of the Bible & I am respecting you more & more in your total disecting of the Word.....however when a person relies on "reasoning" instead of what the Holy Spirit reveals to him, then I hink it becomes more of "psylosophical issue" then  fact based on the teachings of the Bible.

I would use "common sense" over "reasoning" any time--b/c WHAT God does say, he means!  I still beleive that ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST CAN WASH AWAY SINS....AND MAKE ANEW PERSON OUT OF US.  I believe that "WORKS" are a product of obedience to God to show others WHO we are as a "born again believer' as an example to the "undaved'! 

This is my opinion & I welcome your 're-buttle!  "Joyful"     

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