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God saved me from my sin

I remember the first time I turned my face away from God. See there was this boy and I was only about 15 or 16, and this boy looked at me in such a way that made me want to drop everything for him and so I did. I gave up what I believed in and all that I stood for, just to see him look at me in the way he did. well it wasn't long before I started skipping school just to met up with him, my parents forbid me to see him and what you do you think I did, well I saw him anyway. there was one day that I will never forget, I had skipped school and we met up at the local library. We stayed there for hours, just talking and laughing and at times he would accidentally put his hand on  my leg. It wasn't until about 3 o'clock that I realized that I had to get back home, I was in the area so I decided to just walk, we kissed good bye and I walked home. walking home I felt such shame and disappointment that I had failed God and I felt like such a sinner. Later on I moved to far with that boy and I ended up getting pregnant at 17. I am 24 now and my son is turning 6. through all that I have gone through I realized that God was never disappointed in me or shameful to call me his daughter, but HE was there through out everything that I was going through. He was there when I walked home that day, He watched over me and protected me through it all. God is a God that loves us, he wants to be in our lives, if we just let him. He doesn't want to condemn us and tell us all that we are doing wrong, but he wants to guide us to the right choices. I have much more to tell but I pray that this stirred some ones heart that needed to hear it, thank you God Bless you

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