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  Religion & Philosophy

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Saul (2)


12:57 PM   [28 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


There is a type of event that is common to man, and the reason that we all have this experience is also common among man. We go along from day to day doing our usual routine and things start to look pretty well for us. Our anxiety level is down, our bills are up to date, we feel well and slowly we begin to think that the world is not such a bad place in which to live… As these things begin to happen, something else starts within us of which we are not aware. We do not realize it because our friend Satan is behind the scenes influencing us to make it happen. The thing that occur is that as we become less stressed, we also find ourselves spending a little less time with God because we are enjoying ourselves. Our prayers become less intense and shorter in length because we really do not have much to discuss with Him. We can all say that this is not true, but man is man and this is his nature…

Then, one day, a little event happens that is pretty much insignificant but it is a small irritation to us. At first, we think little about it, but then another event happens that is a little bit irritating also. This goes on for a time until we find ourselves overwhelmed with events that are irritating and bothersome to us. And, we begin not to feel so good about life. At the highest point, we are so overwhelmed with little irritations that we become totally unhappy and very stressed because we do not know what is going on and why our lives have changed so much. We do not know what to do. For the most part the events are out of our control, but something that should be easy for us to handle, becomes a major problem to us. It is one thing after another after another and it seems like it will never stop. Now, these things are not large problems by themselves, it is just that there are so many at the same time and they look like it is not going to end.  We become overwhelmed and angry with almost everything and the frustration builds until we think we cannot stand it any longer. Everyone around us suffers because of our feelings of frustration and it is at this point that Satan can claim his victory over us…

His victory is that he has influenced us to behave like ordinary humans. If he sees that we are easily irritated, he will introduce more and more things that will cause us frustration. And, the reason that this has happened is because when things were good for us, our vision towards God was blurred by our earthly success. It is unfortunate but true that our strength does not come from within ourselves but from our relationship with God. He is our strength and when we began to move away from that power, we become weak and Satan jumps in to fill the gap. We are not aware of this and do not even consider it as a factor in our dilemma because we are too occupied with our frustrations, and there are some that do not consider Satan to be much of a factor in anything. Unfortunately, these people are wrong, but they cannot see the influence of Satan and they put little belief in anything that they cannot see or understand.

Our faith is constantly being tested and whether or not this type of experience is a test is hard to tell, but nothing just happens. God is in control and the closer we are to Him, the better everything seems to be for us. When we become complacent, sometimes we need a gentle push to bring us back to reality. And reality is God and He is the only power, we are nothing without Him. When this type of event takes place, the answer is simple, but sometimes it takes us a long time to think about it. We should just sit down and try to relax and then return to our reliance on God for everything in our lives. As Christians, we are supposed to be different from others, but most of the time we are not. But, if we get ourselves overwhelmed by this ridiculous thing that we call life, we have no one to blame but ourselves. First because we acted like ordinary humans; and secondly because we did not look at the author of all that causes frustrations and that would be Satan. God is our source of strength and the greater the faith, the stronger that we are to be able to fight off Satan that is the cause of our problems !!!

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Saul | Sat Oct 27, 2012, 08:10

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 Amen! Thank you for that message! Our focus must be on the Father and Son! Self-reliance is a word we as humans should be God- reliance! Powerful message!

alexmason | Sat Oct 27, 2012, 16:10

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WOW! What an affirmatio of what the Lord has been showing me! What a blessing! Thank You!

Blessings to you,


Frannie | Sun Oct 28, 2012, 20:10

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Thank You for you records of what happens when we think we are in control....It was a reminder of what happen this week....I have overcome something so familiar....

your amazing accounts of self reliance is on the spot, true and to the exact reason why we battle in our minds. Yet even when we think we got everything on target, yet dont be surprised that weasle lil dead snake comes back to taunt us. As long as we live in this life, we are never immuned from attack. But the Lord has power and when we are In Him, Loving Him in constant beat, be sure that the God that I know comes to rescue as soon as I speak His name. It's what I've experiance.  But as soon as I slack my devotion and my prayers, I find my self slowley frustrated and unhappy. Your right, We are nothing without Him. Good jobs, good family, good homes, we still are nothing without Him, for He makes all things beautiful. You have reminded me of this week, I got a new job, and was overwhelmed by my new discriptions, I slacked my prayers. I begun to seek self permotion, look at me what I can do attitiude...Yet now I know It was God who really wants my attention, He wants to be glorified with my accomplishments.

 Thank you for reminding me that Im not on a free ride, all has a cost. Now I must turn and seek His forgiveness. My job is not cause of my efforts, it's all cause He wants me to give Him the reason I am still holding a job.   Oh, How He Loves us!!  When we Love, He is faithful to Love us more....God is in the big Picture!

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