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Thought for today

I wouldn't be honest if I said these thoughts were all my own. They are instead inspired by one of the most inspirational young people I have ever encountered. She has no idea the influence she has on everyone around her, but nonetheless, she has inspired these thoughts that I want to share.

For all of us who have chosen to walk with God, we know that it is not a promise that life will be easy or that everyone will accept you. Quite often, those who walk with God are thought to be different and at times, even persecuted. The young woman, of whom I spoke before, has encountered a similar situation. In her choice to walk with God, she has simultaneously been forced to walk away from her family. Although this decision would be difficult and immense pressure on any of us at any time, this young woman is also fighting the battle for her life against an aggressive form of cancer.  As my heart broke for her while I listened to a family member plead with her to leave church, I couldn't help but admire her strength. She maintained patience, strength and humility despite being degraded. As we spoke later, I had to compliment her mature approach. This young lady is overflowing with wisdom and courage beyond human power. She has the strength of God in her and it is clear to anyone who knows her.

We began to talk about her family. Her eyes filled up with tears when she so poignantly explained to me "that no matter what God is still God. We, as humans, have expectations for what we think God needs to give us to get through, but we cannot forget this is not just our fight, it is God's fight. God knows better than any one of us what we need. We have to just trust that what we already have is what we need and not more." She continued to share that she had made a mistake in thinking she needed her family to be there for her. She had thought God was supposed to give her her family to support her, and in doing so neglected the people God had so easily placed in her life. God knew what she needed more than she did and in not being sensitive to this, she indicated she had almost lost them. Her simple story led to a very powerful revelation. She continued to say "if we don't open our eyes and thank God for what we already have and realize he has already given us everything we need, sometimes we miss the opportunity. God is a provider. God is a healer. God does not leave any Godly man without resource to fight His fight." Her message was so simple, yet so powerful. Something, I will again share with my congregation. If we take the time to look around, God has given us so many things to be thankful for. God leaves no man unarmed. God is a man of His word and he will see us through. God's will is not always what we think is right, but we are flesh, made from ashes and dust to return to ashes and dust. We must choose to walk in God's perfect will. Only God knows what we need.

My God knew I needed a revival in my faith, a renewal of his presence in my life and my God gave me the opportunity to meet this young lady. She has already given me the greatest blessing in life- the gift of God in my life, in a deeper way than I had. This young lady is a blessing and I feel that God has a message for all of us through her, if we're only willing to listen.

Please join me in prayers that she may find continued peace and strength in the Lord our God, that she may reach more people in her time, that I continue to hear God's word through her and that she may find eternal glory in his presence.

I leave this post with a simple quote from a song that this young lady shared with me the other day. I found the message in this song poignant for all of us.

"I give you all of my pieces broken, in your hands there is nothing that you can't fix. My heart is broken and my scars are open, put me back together now- stitch by stitch."

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