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11:24 AM   [23 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]

The Good In Waiting

Lamentations 3:22-26

     One of the hardest things to do is to wait. Im sure we all would have to admit to having a problem with the idea of having to wait for something. We dont like to wait in traffic. We dont like to wait at a restaurant. We dont like to wait at the doctors office. The list could go on. In our fast paced world we have gotten used to getting things fast. We receive news via the television and internet as soon as it happens. Microwave ovens can give us instant dinners. And we even get "instant" messages through our phones and email. It is easy to see why we are an impatient society.

     But in Lamentations 3:26 we see that it is good to wait on God. The fact is that in many instances God chooses to have us wait for a period of time before He answers our prayers and performes some miracle in our lives. I think of Jesus and the fact that after hearing word from Mary that her brother Lazarus was sick and dying that Jesus still stayed where He was for three days before setting out to go to Lazarus' family and help them. In fact He waited till Lazarus died before arriving at his home. God does not jump when we say jump. He is God and we do well to not have an attitude that "tells" God what to do.

     So if it is good for us to wait on God as the writer of Lamentations says, then how is it good ? In what ways is waiting on God good ?

     First, waiting on God ensures that we do not step out of His will. If we choose to run ahead of Him and try to solve our problems in our own strength and wisdom we will surely make a mistake. This is what Abraham did. He was promised a child, and when the child didnt come fast enough for him he had a child with his wife's handmaid. Im sure he regretted not waiting on God. The results of Abrahams impatience are still being felt today.

     Second, it gives God time to sift our motives and our hearts and correct us if needed. He may be making us wait because there is an attitude or habit we have developed that needs to be addressed. He can use that time of waiting to sand us and mold us making us closer to the image of Christ. Waiting causes us to look inward.

     Third, God might make us wait because He has something better for us.We may be waiting on Him to do one thing when He might be planning to do something even better. Think of what you might miss if you coose to run ahead of God and not wait.

     Fourth, timing is everything with God. All through the Bible we see examples where God moved at exactly the right time. He was not a second early and He was never a second to late.

     So much good can come from us waiting on God. In fact, it is whan God is making us wait for His answer that He does some of His greatest work in our lives. He always has a reason when He requires us to wait, and it is always for our benefit somehow. We can trust Him. Is waiting easy or enjoyable ? Of course not. But the results of waiting for Gods best are far greater than the results of jumping ahead of Him. Waiting on God is a good thing. Like i said its not easy, but when we wait on him we will see that in the end He really did know best.


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