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Age: 77 Years

Country: United States

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  Religion & Philosophy

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12:02 PM   [23 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]


It is most likely accurate to say that at some point in our lives that we all have wondered what God may look like and what type of individual He may be. Although it is impossible for the human mind to comprehend such a Being, this does not stop us from attempting to imagine what He is like. For the most part, we have various notions of His appearance but these ideas are based upon characters that we have seen in movies or paintings. In reality however, no one has ever seen God, so all of these ideas are incorrect. Our ideas of what He is like is generally based upon our earthly fathers and how we were treated by them. This can be fortunate and pleasant, but unfortunately, most of the time it is not so pleasant. Other than the movies and paintings of God, our earthly father is the only basis by which we consider what our Father in Heaven is like, but God is not anything like our earthly father, that we do know.

We can find that our curiosity begins with the fact that we are told that God created us in His own image, but what that means is not made clear and so it gives us no hint of His appearance. It is interesting to note that the image of God painted on the ceiling of the Vatican Chapel resembles daVinci who painted it. However all of the biblical characters painted over the years probably have no resemblance of the actual individuals. If we were to consider what Moss looked like, we would probably imagine Charlton Heston, the actor who played him in the movie The Ten Commandments. But more important than what God may look like is what He is like as an individual. All of the imaginary images that we have seen of Him show Him to be a very stern and frightening person, but this probably is not true. We have this feeling because of our earthly fathers and how we were treated by them, but God is not anything like our earthly fathers. God loves us so much that when and if we finally do see Him, we will probably feel intense love and warmth that we have never experienced on earth.

The Bible tells us that our earthly fathers punished us for any number of reasons, but God does not punish anyone. He may chastise us, which is another way of saying that He will correct our errors but not in a painful or emotionally destructive way. We know that He is understanding and will listen to us and even negotiate with us to a satisfactory agreement as He did with Abraham, Gideon and others with whom He asked to do certain tasks. We also know that once we do make an agreement with Him that He expects that agreement to be honored and there is no excuse for us not to uphold our part of the bargain.

When each of us approaches God and ask to become one of His adopted children, He never refuses anyone that request. We essentially make an agreement with Him based upon learning how to become one of His children by studying the requirements given to us in the instruction manual which we call the Bible. He offers us all sorts of help through the Spirit and overlooks many of our failures. But, He expects us to do the very best that we can in learning and living by the requirements for adoption. It is impossible to fool God with empty gestures or various excuses as to why we did not fulfill certain regulations, so it is useless to try. However, the biggest mistake that many make is to find another instruction manual that suits our agenda better and use that as the basis for our adoption. And, there is no question that God will not accept that and complete His part of the bargain. The requirements that are included in our agreement with God are not negotiable. He will always keep His part of the agreement and expects us to keep our part. If we change the agreement without His acceptance of any change, then the agreement becomes void. And, we can be certain that God has absolutely no reason to change His instructions since they are perfect, as is He !!!

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