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9:23 AM   [22 Oct 2012 | Monday]

Beginning a new journey......this time In Jesus(8)

 I had believed in my heart, that through Jesus' Finished Work that God would heal me. As the disease progressed I took My focus off of Jesus and instead focused on my worsening condition! My focus became my death. The disease gained strength in my body and my thoughts continued to focus on my circumstances. Yes, doom and gloom thoughts.

A bright light burst through, this was my wife's faith. Early in my disease and even as it worsened, The Holy Spirit revealed to her, that I would live. She was focused on Jesus' Finished Work, even though her thought was that I would continue to be sick, The Father had other plans! Recently she told me everytime she was preparing to go into town, she feared I would kill myself and she would arrive home to find my lifeless body. She told me the thought would cross her mind, then The Holy Spirit would convey to her, that I wouldn't die. This faith enabled her to go to town and accomplish what needed to be done, in town. No matter the circumstance, the impossibility of the situation, she believed The Holy Spirit....... that I wouldn't die. This is faith from the heart..............immoveable!

There were other situations, where she had to make difficult decisions. She based those decisions on the Promptings of the Holy Spirit as well. One such decision was a handicapped van: she would try desperatelly to find someone to help us purchase one........there was no help for us, every door was closed. The only course would've been to trade-in a 2010 vehicle in perfect shape, for a 2007 handicapp van, with payments that would financially ruin us. Keep in mind, I was homebound because we had no way to transport me. I couldn't transfer from my manual wheelchair to the vehicle. So a handicap vehicle was critical............she knew this. Yet, once again the Holy Spirit guided her not to purchase the vehicle. Once again her faith was from the heart...... immoveable! She could've easily dismissed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and we would've been stuck with a lower quality vehicle, that we don't need, now. 

My point is: this faith from the recognizing and following the Holy Spirits' guidance in all situations no matter the impossibility of it or where human logic would dismiss the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Father knew the outcome.........we didn't. 

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