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Jeremiah 4

A Review of Jeremiah 4
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible


Jeremiah 4:1
In this first verse we see the LORD speaking to lost mankind, "O Israel", as Israel here is a representation of this lost world. We know He is speaking to the lost because He says "put away thine abominations out of my sight" and it was His death before the foundation of the world, Ephesians 1:4-5, that paid the sin debt of His chosen removing our abominations from His sight. Abominations here are all those things done by man which the LORD does not approve of to include the religious beliefs and practices of the lost; even those who possess an apathetic attitude toward religion are counted among the lost. Since the LORD did not die for the lost before the foundation of the world they must pay their own sin debt and because no man can pay his own sin debt they must beg the LORD for His mercy that He will lay them to rest without punishment.

Jeremiah 4:2
In the second verse we see the LORD telling the lost how they are to honor Him but, as we see today the vast majority of the world has rejected this. It is said two thirds of the world's population don't give God a second thought. The majority of the remaining one third of the world don't worship the God of the Bible, instead they worship whatever they will however they will; they worship gods of their own design. The god of the Catholic faith spews its gospel while the Protestant gods burp up many others. Then there are the Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and many other faiths all with their own belief systems. If asked they would all say they are heaven bound but, how can that be? Everyone accepts the fact that there is only one true God. The Bible says our Lord GOD is immutable: Hebrews 13:8. So please, ask yourselves how so many faiths can have so many uniquely different interpretations of the one true God's word but, still be heaven bound?

Jeremiah 4:3
In verse 3 the LORD says to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, as they represent the world and the churches, "Break up your fallow ground and sow not among thorns". The fallow ground represents this world of temptation and the unrelenting violation of the law of God. The thorns are those of the world who are lost to our Lord GOD and the LORD is telling those who will hear not to set their lives, sow, amongst them. All those lost to God are represented here as "Judah and Jerusalem": this lost world. But the LORD seeks even those who are not elect of Him that He may bless them in this life: Isaiah 1:16-20.

Jeremiah 4:4
In verse 4 the LORD is telling those of Judah and Jerusalem, the world and the churches, what they must do. It is up to lost mankind to take away the foreskin of their hearts. This is simply saying all lost mankind must humble themselves before the LORD, open their hardened hearts that He will have mercy on them, and He will give them one opportunity to do so. He is giving them this warning in His mercy as the alternative is very bitter; for He is making them aware of the consequences of not following the will of All Mighty God. One may fail to see the mercy in this and perceive it only as a threat; however, God is not obligated to tell mankind anything. He is the master and the creator we are the servants He created and it is only by His mercy that we all survive for "we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags"Isaiah 64:6. Furthermore our Lord GOD does not threaten He only speaks truth whether it is blessing or cursing: Isaiah 1:27-28.

Jeremiah 4:5-6
In verses 5 and 6 we see the beginning of the end as the LORD is telling us of the futile attempts by mankind to survive the end of all things. In verse 5 we see the LORD is telling lost mankind to gather together and go into the defended cities. This is the LORD letting us all know the end has come and there is no defended city in which one may hide from God. In verse 6 we see mankind is warned to setup a standard, their defenses, against Zion, the Kingdom or the power of the LORD, as He has begun His assault on mankind. The LORD has sent Satan and his demons from the north "in the sides of the north"Isaiah 14:13, to kill and to punish mankind until the LORD will take him captive, destroy his demons, kill the remainder of mankind - the church leaders - who have by this time suffered the worst punishment the longest; then He will burn Satan with the world He is destroying: Revelation 19:17-21.

Jeremiah 4:7
The first clause in verse 7 reads "The lion is come up from his thicket and the destroyer of the Gentiles is on his way". The lion in this verse, just as in 1 Peter 5:8, is Satan. Satan's thicket is his damnation for Satan was once an angle whose previous name was Lucifer. When the Christ died on the cross Lucifer was thrown down to earth with his demons and renamed Satan: Luke 10:18. Please know that time is irrelevant to the LORD as He sees all things - past, present and future - simultaneously. Satan is the destroyer of the Gentiles as the LORD will use Satan and his kingdom, the demons, to destroy all lost mankind, or Gentiles, as to be Gentile is to be lost: 1 Thessalonians 4:4-5. Consequently the LORD sees all of us as only two kinds of people; Jew and Gentile or saved and lost respectively: Romans 2:9-11. Please take note as this has been a source of misunderstanding for many. Read Romans 2:28-29 and you will see the LORD made the determination before the foundation of the world as "he is a Jew which is one inwardly"; and we know only God manufactures the inner man: the soul. This is the reason drug and alcohol programs, murderer and rapist rehabilitation efforts like all other such endeavors embarked upon in the strength of men simply don't work. Verse 7 concludes telling us the reason for Satan's visit and it assures us he will accomplish his mission.

Jeremiah 4:8-9
In verse 8 we see the end is imminent as all the earth is being told to "lament and howl" as the LORD will not turn back His anger: Zephaniah 1:2-8. Notice in Zephaniah 1:8 the LORD says "I will punish the princes and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel". The princes the LORD is speaking of here are the church leaders, the king's children are the church members and Satan himself is the king of all kings on earth: Revelation 17:10-11. Notice in Revelation 17:11 as we are told of Satan it is said "he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition". All of this language is speaking only of Satan as he is all eight kings. Satan becomes each king as the LORD grants him more and even more power to perform the evil acts for which he will be destroyed; i.e. wars, terrorist acts such as 9-11 and even the onslaught of the myriad of incurable diseases breaking out on mankind today. All of these things are done by Satan as he is given the power to do them by God: Job 1:7-12. If you would read the book of Job you will find the LORD is telling us in Job exactly how Satan becomes the eight kings. In the book of Job Satan comes back to God several times and each time the LORD allows him to do more. This is how Satan is the eight kings but, Satan will ultimately be punished for his actions against mankind. However, the LORD sanctions it because mankind has decided to go their own way: Isaiah 30:9-11. Our Lord GOD put the Bible together excellently as it ties together beautifully with each book explaining many aspects of many others. To complete the explanation of Zephaniah 1:8 the verse continues speaking of "all such as are clothed with strange apparel". The "strange apparel" here are actually the "strange slips" of Isaiah 17:10-11 which are the many unique gospels held by mankind. The pleasant plants are the children of the lost and the slips are intended to be the covering of lost mankind in their end as all saved mankind are the bride of the Christ and brides are women; hence, we see the slips are female garments or a covering. However, to be saved one must wear the slip provided by the Christ given only before the foundation of the world.

In verse 9 the LORD is telling us all those of this world who would not believe will be left astounded. Even those who profess to believe, but wear the strange apparel, will not believe the end came in their lifetime. So they will all see the end with all the chaos and the sheer terror it will bring but, even still, lost mankind will not humble themselves before the LORD: Revelation 16:21.

Jeremiah 4:10
In this verse Jeremiah is actually speaking of the fulfillment of Isaiah 28:11-13 as the LORD brings truth to lost mankind but, as it states in Isaiah 28:12 "they would not hear". Consequently their one opportunity to heed the word of God is lost and the LORD begins to speak to them "...with stammering lips and another tongue". The Bible is replete with examples of this as king Zedekiah is only one more. We see the LORD is giving Zedekiah that one opportunity to heed his will in Jeremiah 38:16-23. However, we also see in Jeremiah 38:19 Zedekiah is too caught-up with this world to take advantage of his one and only opportunity; so, it passes. Once he allows his one opportunity to pass, as the vast majority of lost mankind have done and will continue to do, he will not know anymore mercy from the LORD: Jeremiah 39:2-8. Zedekiah met his punishment quickly however most mankind, as did many of Israel's lost kings, will live for many years after their judgment before they are sentenced: 2 Chronicles 12:5-16. Although the Bible does not speak of the conditions of Rehoboam's death we can be fairly sure they were arduous for we know the LORD requires payment from all lost mankind: Ezekiel 7:3-4.

Jeremiah 4:11-12
Verse 11 opens with "At that time shall it be said to this people and Jerusalem"; in this verse we see the LORD is speaking to those of the world, this people, and those of the churches, Jerusalem. The chosen of God are not of this world, John 15:18-19, so we are not included when the LORD speaks of this world in this verse. The LORD continues saying "...A dry wind of the high places in the wilderness toward the daughter of my people". God's people are all those chosen of Him and the daughters of His people are all the lost of the world. The wilderness is this lost world and the high places, we already know, today represent the churches. In this life there are only two ways to go: right or wrong. If you are chosen or elect the decision has been made for you; however, if you have not been elected from before the foundation of the world then you have a choice to make. You can heed the word of God and live as close to His will as you can and He will have mercy on you throughout this life and safeguard you in the end, Isaiah 24:3-6; then you will be among the few men left, those on whom the LORD will have mercy. If you are one who is determined to go your own way you may do that as well, however the LORD gives you one opportunity to heed His will; when you refuse you will not have another opportunity and in your end He will surely visit you as you are told in Ezekiel 7:3-4. So one should begin to see there are multitudes of opportunities you can go wrong, Matthew 7:13-14; any religion you want or no religion at all, either practice will get you there. It is only through reading and studying the word of God, without the intervention of any man-derived notions, that we can truly come to know the LORD. 

"A dry wind of the high places" is a very interesting phrase. We already know from the affiliation of the dry wind with the high places that it is another negative consequence of the desires of men. Keeping this fact at the forefront of our minds we see that it can only be a reinforcement of Isaiah 44:20; a consequence of the LORD blinding the eyes, deafening the ears and hardening the heart of the lost. All this is done to prepare the lost for the judgment to come; that they will all remain hardened through their end.

Verse 11 closes with the LORD telling us for what purpose the dry wind was not. From verse 12 we clearly see the consequence of the dry wind is judgment. Please notice the dry wind comes to the LORD from the high places which are the churches: all of them.

Jeremiah 4:13
In verse 13 we see "Woe unto us! for we are spoiled". This is the consequence of the arrival of Satan as the destroyer: Jeremiah 6:1; remember Isaiah 14:13 where we are shown the north represents Satan. The LORD is bringing His servant Satan to do His will unto mankind. So, it is our Lord GOD who will give the order to destroy mankind; but, it is Satan who will gleefully carry it out. Just as in 2 Samuel 24:14-16 the LORD sent an angel, so in the end the LORD will send Satan.

Jeremiah 4:14-16
In verse 14 the LORD says "...wash thine thine heart from wickedness, that thou mayest be saved". This is the LORD speaking to all the churches, "O Jerusalem". He is tell them to put aside the lies they presently push to the lost world "that thou mayest be saved". Please notice the LORD does not promise salvation which is to be with Him forevermore; He does promise, if they turn from their wickedness, to save them and this does not mean eternal salvation as this was only given before the foundation of the world. What the LORD is offering is refuge from the great torment to come; He is giving them the opportunity to be among the "few men left". Even still this opportunity will only be given once and if it is not taken it is lost, never to be offered again. In verse 15 the LORD says "for a voice declareth from Dan, and publisheth affliction from mount Ephraim" and this is the voice of the LORD'S chosen as we take His warning to the world. In verse 16 the LORD continues to speak of His chosen, the watchers, coming from a far country, as we are not of this world, with His word from heaven which we are to tell Jerusalem, the churches, and all the cities of Judah, the world.

Jeremiah 4:17
When chosen we have been given a duty by the LORD; He has ordained us keepers of the field. The field is the world and the keepers, the watchers, the chosen and the bride of the Christ are all names the Lord GOD has given unto us. We are extensions of His fingers on this earth as we will do His will exactly as He desires. Therefore those who are enemies of the LORD, all those who follow their own desires and will not humble themselves to His will, are enemies of ours.

Jeremiah 4:18
In the first clause of verse 18 the LORD says "Thy way and thy doings have procured these things unto thee". In this clause we see the LORD is telling lost mankind it was their desire to live as they would, hearing but not adhering to His law, that has bought punishment unto them; this is what brought His wrath unto them. The LORD is forced to endure the wickedness of mankind as He knows all of our inner most thoughts and it is all sin continually before Him: Luke 11:37-44. Please realize the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus day were the counterpart of the religious leaders of our day just as they were the counterpart of their fathers: Acts 7:52. Recognizing this we begin to see the heart of mankind is desperately wicked: Jeremiah 17:9. Considering our extraordinary wickedness it is astounding that the LORD would have mercy on any of us and it is unbelievable that He would have sacrificed Himself twice to save any of us.

Jeremiah 4:19
Although the LORD will destroy all lost mankind without hesitation we see He still agonizes over the fact that He must; for all mankind was created by God for God: Isaiah 64:8. The fact that mankind refuses to do the will of God will lead to the end mankind must endure: Ezekiel 18:4. Please take notice as in Ezekiel 18:4 the LORD says "the soul that sinneth, it shall die". Our Lord GOD did not say the soul that sins it shall go to hell forevermore; He said, "it shall die".

Jeremiah 4:20
"Destruction upon destruction is cried; for the whole land is spoiled." We see here the LORD is forecasting the destruction of the world because it is all spoiled. We can know the LORD has not soiled it with destruction because the LORD says "for the whole land is spoiled" as opposed to and or then the whole land is spoiled. As the LORD continues He says "suddenly are my tents spoiled and my curtains in a moment". The LORD here is speaking of His tabernacle or His home on earth: the church. With that in mind we can know the tent is the tabernacle of which He speaks and the curtains represent His children who were supposed to be within: Jeremiah 10:20. In Jeremiah 10:20 the tabernacle and the tent are one; they represent the house of the LORD. The LORD says "all my cords are broken". This is referring to the cords used to hold up a tent as a stake is put into the ground and a cord ties from that stake to a tent support trust; if the cords are broken the tent comes down. The tent has come down because the "cords" or the respect and belief in the One True God is gone. The LORD continues as He says "my children are gone forth of me, and they are not". This is speaking of every man who hears the truth of God but desires to see it another way. This is every denomination and religious sect in existence; as they go forth from God they are forevermore the children of Satan: 1 John 3:9-10. The LORD closes the verse with "there is none to stretch forth my tent any more and to set up my curtains". The LORD is saying all those who were lost have gone their own way. They do not see the LORD as they do not desire to know His way. Each one has gone their own way chasing their own desires; some Catholic, some Protestant, some Muslim, some Jewish and so on. All this when there is only one true God and consequently only one true faith.

As we look at Jeremiah 10:20 it should be clear the tent and the tabernacle are one. Then we will take a look at Habakkuk 3:6-8, specifically verse 7 where we will read"I saw the tents of Cushan in affliction: and the curtains of the land of Midian did tremble". Knowing the tent and the tabernacle are one and they are the church we see they are "in affliction". This affliction is their unwillingness to accept the truth of God therefore, the LORD blinds their eyes, deafens their ears and hardens their hearts for their one opportunity to heed His will has passed. In the second half of the verse we see the curtains of the land of Midian tremble and this is because the curtains are a representation of people. The chosen of God are the curtains; we were to be taught by the churches. The LORD would then use us to speak His word to those who are lost but, would not attend a church that all the elect would hear His word and come unto Him and the lost may hear His word and humble themselves or go their own way. Since the church has gone so far from the LORD we, the curtains, are to take the word of God to mankind independent of any church but, guided by the LORD; the LORD will not deal with the world directly. There were some in the Bible who were chosen but, the LORD would not speak directly to them either. The LORD would not speak directly to David because David was a warrior and therefore a killer; his hands were full of blood. Although the LORD would not speak directly to David he was loved by the LORD: Acts 13:22. So the LORD sends His messenger, the go-between or the curtain and in the case of David, Uriah and Bath-sheba Nathan was the curtain: 2 Samuel 12:1-12. God uses the curtains in the temple as a separator between Himself and the congregation. Only the priest was allowed behind the curtain and he had to have incenses to fill the room with smoke that he would not behold the presents of the LORD lest he would die: Leviticus 16:13. Our Lord GOD then takes this symbolism and uses it to tell us of His relationship to His chosen or the curtains and the world or the congregation.

Jeremiah 4:21
We learned in Isaiah 62:10-11 to lift up a standard is to broadcast or proclaim truth to the world. So looking at verse 21 we see the LORD seems to grow weary of sending His truth to mankind; undoubtedly because so few heed the will of the LORD.

Jeremiah 4:22
All mankind, those chosen and lost, belong to the LORD consequent to His death on the cross: 2 Peter 2:1. Reading verse 22 we are reading the view of the LORD regarding all lost mankind; those who refuse to humble themselves unto the LORD. He says "they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge". This is the LORD speaking of all the evil men do to one another. Everything from murders, rapes, robberies and hustling one another to over pricing and credit rip-offs; however, there is a far worse evil men do. Men also lie about the LORD for an eternally worthless cash reward. Every religion has become grossly commercialized and this makes every minister, pastor, bishop, pope and whatever other names they may go by no more than another slick hustler of some false jargon they use the Bible to legitimize. It is for this the LORD will demand the most severe recompense as He will allow these people to suffer the longest and therefore the most in the end: Revelation 19:19-21Revelation 19:20 is saying the LORD will burn Satan alive with this world on Judgment Day; as the false prophet and the beast are both Satan. Revelation 19:21 is speaking of the remnant the LORD will not allow Satan to kill: only punish. These are all the religious leaders who lied about the LORD for profit. In their end the LORD will personally destroy them all more horribly than we could ever imagine because they desired not to know His truth and they supported those like them. These are all those who only sought earthly gains in lieu of His truth.

Jeremiah 4:23-25
In verses 23 through 25 the LORD is using Jeremiah to describe the final state of the world. He begins in verse 23 and if we pay close attention we see the world is ending just as it began: Genesis 1:2.

In verse 24 we witness the terribly awesome might of the Godhead as even the substance of which the earth is made trembles at His omnipotent presence. This explains the fear all men have of the Godhead: follow my reasoning. Adam was created from the earth, Genesis 2:7, and all mankind come from Adam. No matter what any man may say he has an innate fear of the one true God. This fear, regardless of any belief a man may profess, is consequent to his very constitution; all men come from the earth: Genesis 3:19.

In verse 25 we see the LORD has made an end of all life on earth. The Bible specifically says "...there was no man" while the verse makes reference to "the birds of the heavens" I am taking this as saying all life on earth is no more. This means the physical earth stands alone and as it was created first it will be destroyed last: Luke 13:30. Please keep in mind that although Luke 13:30 seems to speak of men we can be sure that it is speaking of all the living creation of God which definitely includes the physical earth: Jeremiah 4:24 and Isaiah 24:4-6. Notice in Isaiah 24:6 after the LORD has made an end of all things particularly those lost to Him He writes "...and few men left". These few men left are the remnant spoken of in Revelation 11:13 who, although they have not been saved, did humble themselves before the will of the LORD. Consequently they were not destroyed as those who rebelled against the will of God. They will probably be gently laid to rest before Satan, world and all the dead are burned: Revelation 19:20. Also notice the final clause of Isaiah 24:5 where the LORD says "because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, broken the everlasting covenant". Men have transgressed the laws of God through their many interpretations of His will. This was evidenced among the Pharisees and the Sadducees and it continues among clergy of all sects and religious beliefs today. They attempt to make the word of God fit their intended purposes consequently, it is no longer the word of the LORD but the purpose of men: John 8:42-45. They have also changed the ordinances as each group has their own interpretation of the law of God when there is and can only be one interpretation of God's law: Hebrews 13:8. Ultimately mankind has broken the everlasting covenant as they refuse the law of God in lieu of their "interpretations" of the law of God; just as the Pharisees and Sadducees did.

Jeremiah 4:26-28
In verse 26 through 28 we see the world in its final state. Beginning in verse 26 the world and all there is of it has been broken and what remains is horribly battered. In verse 27 the Lord GOD says "The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end". This verse raises some questions. Mainly, why doesn't the LORD make a full end? Remember, the LORD does nothing without a reason. I can only speculate that the LORD is putting to rest slowly and individually those who were not elect of Him but did humble themselves before Him. We do know with certainty the earth shall mourn as it hangs in the darkness of the heavens above awaiting its end. I believe the phrase "...the heavens above be black" indicates there is something the Godhead doesn't want to see taking place as in Matthew 27:45 the LORD did not want to look upon the sin which was heaped upon the Christ. Regardless, it is the order of God as He says "because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it".

Jeremiah 4:29-30
In verse 29 we see the LORD has gone back a short ways in time as He tells us of the horsemen and the bowmen, Satan and His demons, as they ruin mankind. In verse 30 the LORD is telling us the efforts of mankind to appease "thy lovers", Satan and his demons, will be for naught. Mankind unwittingly attempts to appease Satan through their blatant rejection of the one true God, Isaiah 30:9-11, but Satan comes with one agenda and that is the destruction of everyone he is allowed to destroy: Jeremiah 4:7.

Jeremiah 4:31
In verse 31 we see the called and chosen of God, "the daughter of Zion", as we react to the slaughter of mankind by Satan and his demons, "for my soul is wearied because of the murderers". The whole judgment process will be credited to Satan and his demons as the murders were always his greatest desire: John 8:44. Consequently Satan and his demons will be destroyed for all they have done and will do including and especially his final slaughter of all mankind. Satan knew, even from the Garden of Eden, that he would get the "privilege" of destroying the creation of God, mankind, if he could turn Adam and Eve in the garden. He would destroy mankind in their lives through possession, Mark 5:2-13, if he turned Adam and Eve; he undoubtedly had no clue regarding the coming of the Christ as only the Godhead is infinite.



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