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11:35 AM   [20 Oct 2012 | Saturday]

Beginning a new journey......this time In Jesus (7)

 Day to day there is a struggle to impose our will into our lives. We must have control over our life or we will not succeed (or so we think). So many of us focus on laws, religous commandments and the fear of committing a sin that we may lose our salvation. Our focus is way off. 

An example of how my focus was distorted, while suffering from the disease: One day I fell out of my wheelchair, I struggled trying to get back in it. My emotions and my focus was of anger at myself, the disease and how hopeless the situation was. My wife came in the living room and said she was going to get our neighbors' help (her niece's husband). I forbade her to go get help; she left the room, yet was peeking around the corner, crying and must have felt so helpless herself. The weaker I became the more furious my emotional state was. The anger was at myself and my bodys' weakness. At times, my wife would come into the living room to see, if I had given up and would except help. Finally, after 3 hours I managed somehow to get back in the chair........physically and emotionally exhausted. My wife was emotionally drained, so my actions affected her as well.

My focus was off target, I drained my body of what strength it had left, just to do MY will. I could have just as easily, let help arrive and have the situation corrected. In fact, if I had even just entrusted my situation to God's hands, then the situation would have ended as well. How does this play out in a believers' life? It is simple when we allow God through Jesus' finished work, to touch our Hearts there is no struggle that He cannot handle. When we truly accept Jesus in our heart, we don't sin, break laws, feel conquered, or fail. The Father works from our heart and we automatically change, without effort. It's not through our own work, but HIS. We can strive to not sin and will fail. We can strive to keep all laws and will fail. When I quit trying to do my will, and focus on Jesus' and allow him to change my heart beliefs, it is effortless. When we focus on not sinning then that is where our focus is. Focus instead on Jesus's finished work and God's Love. The Father doesn't see our sin (when we accept Jesus into our heart). Instead, he changes us. Focus on Sin and that's what we get........more sin. Focus on God's Love and that's what we feel.........God's Love. 


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