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12:58 PM   [21 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


There are rules and regulations for everything that we do. Whether it be in our jobs, or going to school, building a home or playing some sport, there are always rules that must be followed. When we do not follow these regulations, we are penalized and saying that we do not agree with the existing rules is no defense. There is nothing that can be said that any judge would consider if, in fact, we have broken the rules. And, depending on the infraction, the penalty can be very small or extremely severe. Some regulations already have a penalty attached to it if we are caught breaking that rule, for example speeding tickets or parking tickets. But, if we do not pay the penalty, the punishment becomes multiplied greatly. We all know these simple requirements of life, but for some reason, many people think that it does not apply to biblical rules and regulations…

The most important event of our lives is achieving salvation and the requirements are clearly stated in the Bible, and yet, people think that they can live by their own rules and still achieve this goal. The Bible is not open to personal interpretation, but there are so many various versions of the Bible, each with some changes of the rules given to us by God, it is difficult for many to understand why they will not reach their goal if they live by rules that were made by man. Jesus speaks of this to the Jews often, and because we were redeemed from the Jewish rules does not mean that new ones did not take their place.

The death of Jesus paid the price for our sins but did not eliminate certain regulations by which we must live in order to reach Heaven. God tells us that He will put His Laws and Commandments in our hearts so we know the difference between right and wrong. The other requirements are given to us by mostly Paul in his epistles, but there were a few others that introduced certain requirements for our behavior and salvation process. These rules must be followed, but many of them have been eliminated through the years because of various, but always self servicing reasons. We can be fairly certain that on the Day of Judgment when we explain to God that we followed our own rules that He probably will not find this to be an acceptable excuse. And, we are still making alterations today so that we remain politically correct…

The policy statement of this site is to unify all Christians and then we look at the Advisory Committee and find eight different denominations represented all of which have slightly different outlooks on the regulations for salvation. And these are only a very few of the many denominations that use a bible that has been altered from the original. More astonishing is that in many cases, these denominations know that their bible has been altered and still believe that they are correct and will be accepted by God. There are more radical changes taking place today in order to be politically correct and these poor souls that accept these changes are placing themselves in great jeopardy. The people that made the alterations will have no chance because their names will be removed from the Book of Life.

We must return to the basic fundamental rules and requirement that God has set forth to have any chance at salvation. That would be called unification, and is it possible, probably not… But, each individual should examine their own teachings and biblical basis to see if it is in alignment with the words of God and not man, and then the best decision is to return to the way of God because with any other way, it just is not going to happen !!!

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joyful | Mon Oct 22, 2012, 11:10

I certainly agree w/that statement 100%!  ---especially raisiing teenagrs!  A little story....My grandaughter 16, has a few friends who claim they are of the "homosexual" persuasion!--so I say to her one day, "How do you feel about that?"  Well...she paused & then answered by saying this..."President Obama  & some of my teachers say it is "OK to be gay" so I guess it is OK for my friends!"  I immediately asked her...."and WHAT DOES GOD SAY?"   She looked at me like I was in another world--so I proceeded to point out several verses in Romans & Leviticus & Jude (Books of the BIBLE) to show her!  She really did not know that it was even in Scripture!!!

Another thing.... you are so right about some of these churches using Bibles that are not legit w/the ORIGINAL HOLY SCRIPTURES!  They explain the actions of the gays as only a "perversion"--& not actually coming out & declaring "man lying w/man 0r woman w/woman is the actual act of this so-called 'perversion' & how wrong it is--these are GOD'S WORDS--not mine!

Of course..look at all the people that say you will get to heaven by doing good deeds, when the Bible absolutely says "you MUST be born again!"  or "all our righteousness are as filthy rags in God's site--or Christains  who believe they are so-called"covered by the blood" even tho they make it a practice of lying & cheating(home & work)!  like , just b/c we are saved, now we can do anything..God says we will ALL be accountable for our own actions @ the 'Great White throne of Judgement'!

There are so many different things I could bring up---but the actual fact of the matter is ..WE do not hold.the Bible w/the respect IT is suppose to have--nor use it w/the incite of the Holy Spirit's help to be able to understand it!  However I feel that just the simple  things that most stand out in the Bible are the thngs that we all are rebelling against @ one time or the other---could it just be Santan using us to try to block out the TRUTH concealed in theses Scriptures?

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