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12:20 PM   Friday, October 19, 2012

Week Seven - Time to take the Plunge!

 Week Seven

Sunday was a big day for a member of our church for he was getting baptised in the evening.
The morning service was the fifth in our six part series 'Growing in serving'.
I would just like to insert a joke here:

What does a helicoptor and a church have in common?

If you get too close you get sucked into the rotas!

Ok, so it may work better as a spoken joke but there is a reason I have told that joke- the preacher talked about how service isn't about being part of a rota - of course there are things which need to be organised and so have rotas (eg. music/ sunday club leading.) but actually some gifts shouldn't be switched of and on, like encouragement - they are ongoing gifts which should be used whenever possible. We also talked about showing appreciation of others using the gifts God has given them.
I spent Lunch over at my one to one's house sharing in their Home groups meal. It was very nice - we talked about classical music. It was fascinating how many people loved classical music there! Once the other members of the home group left, I went and played football with my one to one. He seemed to have an expectation that I was quality... luckily we won and my actual ability of football was enough to link with his view of quality! I actually really enjoyed playing.
Then as the sun descended and evening came it was time for the Baptism service! We were going to Knighton Chuch as the service was shared with some members from the other church getting baptised too. I love baptism services as you get to sing praises and hear testimonies where you can spot God's work so clearly in their lives. Then of course you can rejoice in the baptism itself. It was one of the best baptism services I had been to. The music was great, the testimonies were great, the talk (done by my minister) was exactly what the service needed. I came out feeling so inspired from what I had seen and heard, it was great! Especially after a tough couple of weeks I had just come through.

Monday was Leaders Meeting and we spent time discussing the past two weeks, reflecting on how the day of prayer and fasting went. We are working through Graham Beynon's 'Gods New Community' at the moment.

Tuesday I had a supervision session which was my least positive session so far. I talked about how I was being challenged a lot, how I struggled very much when suddenly there wasn't much for me to do and also just how being ill had made me feel quite down. I felt a fair bit better and more encouraged by the end of the meeting.

Thursday brought around MMTC East again. this is where I would like to point out that everything feels like it goes by so fast! I have been here for a whole half term already (Leicester Schools have half term a week earlier than the rest of the country... which is just SO inconvenient). I really enjoyed the final sessions in the Character and Ministry topics. I found it really helpful to have a few tools of how to work my way through pastoral situations. I was really struggling with the other sessions about doctrine.
In the evening we had the last ACCelerate before half term and we had steady numbers again, the kids seemed to enjoy the games, really respond to the Bible focus session and just have a lot of fun. After we had packed up the leaders met for prayer and planning while eating lovely food which Paula made! I do love fajitas! We managed to organise a few adjustments and sorted a bit of material for next half term.

Friday... well that's today! Look at that guys I am up to date on my blog! That is three weeks of blogs have been written today
So I think that is the end of this chapter! and of Part 1.
Part 1 being the first half term - so I guess I will have 6 parts?

A review of Part 1:
1-Arrived (Formation conference, ACCelerate)
2-Moved into house (cooking trouble, men's walk)
3-MMTC East begun (cold)
4-Freshers Week (seminars)
5-Music Group (started 1to1)


Please pray for:
-The 5 new baptisees - as they may be attacked by Satan after making such a public display against him. So for them to stay firm in their faith and to recieve encouragement from those around them.
-Sunday Club - I am leading the teenagers group for the first time, so prayer that I will prepare well and lead the discussion well.
-Half Term - as my timetable slackens that I won't find myself doing nothing. And if I take a few days off that I would have safe journeys!

It being half term next week may mean that I might not post next week.

You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for continuing to read and support me.


Mood: encouraged
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