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My Veracity Questioned

Veracity Questioned

Today I faced a rather unusual situation (for me at least!)
Well, with no hidden agenda in mind, I posed a straight forward question to a (female) friend of mine – “Would you like to join me if you are free… I need to drive a distance to drop of my cats”
No concrete reply was provided straightaway and so, I left with a statement – “Think and say”. After which, I received a text that said “What time and how far”… Soon followed another message that said “Why me when your wife’s there”?
My integrity questioned here? I don’t know. But, it has seriously hurt me! It hurts to think that a simple transparent question has triggered unnecessary controversies on my trustworthiness.
My intention there was to spend a little bit of more time with a person who (“I felt”) may be feeling a bit lonely.  My wife and family are with me always – Day in and day out….. I thought my presence and chat will provide a bit of comfort – Apparently not! 
Never have in the past has anyone (at least to my knowledge) even to the slightest of extent doubted by veracity! I have always taken pride when people labelled me as the one who they could count their life on!  
When I invite someone to come along with me, many a times, it will be a “Happy Yes” – Seldom a “Sorry, not possible – I have my exams coming up (or) I need to head to work (or) even, sorry I feel damn tired”. But never never never “Why”
“Why should I come along”
“Why not your wife”
“Why me”
Can I get over it….. At this stage, it looks like a humongous talk, but I think eventually I will, may be sooner. 
They doubted Jesus. He went around helping people, the Sick, the Needy, the Broken – His never had a hidden agenda, He was just doing the job he felt was right, He was just showing a bit of love and care – Yet, people labelled Him Beelzebub. In other words, to them He was a hypocrite.  If it has happed to Him the Lord and God, it can happen to any one. He got over it and so will I!
But is there a lesson for me here – Yes a couple. “No matter how close you are with a friend, you cannot always expect them to trust you 100%”
No matter how transparent you are with your thought, thinking and acting, your friend need not always look through the transparency – There will be always a translucent bit left!
So next time – Maintain your distance / Limit your thought / Limit your speech. Be there always, but restrict yourself as appropriate.
God bless.
Mood: sore
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joyful | Thu Nov 01, 2012, 11:11

"YOUR VERACITY" questioned?  When you have these "visions" of people needing "help"--are they always W/women?--do you then go straight home & discuss this w/YOUR WIFE?  Jesus had no wife..and no one to answer to EXCEPT his heavenly Father!  I suggest you put your veracity in check & the next time you want to help someone, maybe it should be "in public"--& just for lack of any embarrassment on your part or the person who is being asked, maybe you WIFE should be present too!!   Something doesn't add up here & I believe more that your "VERACITY " is at stake!  OR are YOU that Niave to think somehow this "act of kindness" can be justified any other way?

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