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9:26 AM   [17 Oct 2012 | Wednesday]

Beginning a new journey......this time In Jesus (4)

Today the Holy Spirit guided me to recognize that Heart Beliefs, play out in small things and point to areas in my life, that need attention. It is now easy for me to have Faith from the Heart on major issues;what about the things that seemingly I do on my own? The issue is with my constant companion during the disease (besides my wife). Her name is Ariel (one of our dogs), she was a stray that we took in. A beautiful hound/lab mix with a tannish/red coat. After we had her for a few months she started to jump the fence, run around the property and then after a few hours come back. She got to a point that she stayed inside with us. When she would go outside unattended, she would promptly escape. This was a constant source of worry for both my wife and me. We added height to our fence, that didn't help. 

After my healing I started to walk her on a public trail, that is close to us. Recently (two weeks ago), I decided to increase the size of the fenced in yard and improve it so she couldn't jump it. I should add that while building the fence I was in constant communication with the Lord. As I was building it, I could feel the presence of the Lord as the T-posts went in easily, even in our extremely rocky ground. I was constantly thankful, as my strength is still somewhat in lack. Ariel seemed to be content and I gained confidence that she wouldn't escape. I went into town and left her outside, upon my return she had escaped. This time she suffered a deep gash, that needed 12 staples. She had to be confined while healing, for ten days. During this time I closed every gap and continued to improve it. We now have a 7" high fotress we lovingly call Fort Ariel. Monday, our sweet Ariel got the staples out and the vet. told us to "releash" the hound........she can now play with the other dogs. 

Here is where the lesson lies: Monday afternoon I spent all of time outside......fearfully watching so she wouldn't escape and re-open the wound. Yesterday, I decided to leave her unattended for periods of time: every few minutes I would check on her, fearing that she had escaped.......she didn't. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart this morning...........Why do you fear? Did I not tend to your disease, yet such a small matter, your faith shows lack. Given Ariel's track record it would seem prudent to fear for her safety. Most people would agree and say you are wise for not trusting her. Yet, Fear has no place In Christ. Trust and Faith is in Christ. So during my meditating on God's Word, and when The Holy Spirit put this in my heart, the fear is gone..........In Christ, fear has no place inside me. Two hours later, she is safely within the yard. Am I still checking on her.........Yes, but not with fear. Now with the confidence In Christ that all is as should be. Trust (lol). The difference is my focus I am now trusting The Father (without fear), that the outcome is safely in His Hands!

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tabacthani | Wed Oct 17, 2012, 18:10

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 What an encouragement  to hear of such a mighty move of God to heal you. And your faithfulness in prayer which led to God's willingness to move in your life. I cant imagine what it must be like to have your health restored in such a dramatic way. It is a mighty God we serve. Im sure the impact of what God has done will never leave you. I pray we will see the supernatural of God's Holy Spirit move in the places we live and bring all people to Himself. 


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