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midnightmum (2)


10:22 AM   [16 Oct 2012 | Tuesday]

Beginning a new journey......this time In Jesus (3)

 Today during my prayer/meditative time, my thoughts turned to the seconds after my healing. My fingers had just moved on their own, for the first time in years. My arms went over my head and God's Grace had just moved my legs and caused me to walk for the first time in years! Imagine the significance of that moment! The true power of God through Jesus' finished work! I must add that I felt such joy, that both my wife and I were in shock, and truly did not know how to act. We were so compelled to share this moment with others that we went to our church's worship service. The moment I got out of the car, there were church members rushing over to me, in amazement and shock! All to  the Glory of God, there was such Praise and Worship to God, I will never forget. Cameras were flashing, cell phones recording the moment. One of the Deacon's of our church, who came on Sundays to my house and lifted me into the van to get me to service, was absent, someone called him and he came rushing over; to see for himself. What a powerful moment to edify the true Glory of God. 

I am re-creating this scene for you; so that those who haven't experienced the truly awesome Power and Glory of The Father may believe and experience it. It is because of the finished work of Jesus, that I am able to experience it......daily. Two things can or could've happened: I could just look at it as a single experience and fail to recognize how active Our Father and Jesus is. Instead, I choose to recognize daily how, with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in me, active and powerful The Father is and acknowledge it constantly, through my thanksgiving and praise. 

Here is my point: I recognize that without Jesus' Finished work and God's Grace I can do NOTHING. In fact: Without it, I would be back in my wheelchair.........dying! Just the simple movement of my arm is God's Grace working. Recognize The Father in all things and Jesus' finished all things, that is when our heart beliefs change and all of God's Promises come true. My last thought on this is: Because I am in Jesus and Jesus is in me, I am made righteous and I am qualified for all of God's Promises. Not through ANY, ANY work I do; but through Jesus' Finished Work! For without HIM I can do NOTHING

Mood: enthralled
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midnightmum | Wed Oct 17, 2012, 08:10

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It's joyful to read about your journey!

Saul | Wed Oct 17, 2012, 09:10

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 Thank you! 

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