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Prayers for a stranger from God

 I posted this earlier this afternoon in a forum, but decided to post a blog to share my experience. 

Before I repost my earlier statement, I would like to add that what turned me onto this girl was that she was never trying to sell her religion as so many do today. She only spoke from her heart and when I saw how in love with her God she was, I longed for that feeling that we all start out with. she believed what she said with every ounce of her heart. She passionately shared her powerful faith with me and without trying she made me want to know more. My wife asked me why I spent time on the United Pentecostal Website last evening. I had no response other than that girl was filled with truth, with hope and with faith so powerful, she bearly laughed in the face of cancer. I listened to her terminal diagnosis and she did not seem afraid. Instead, she seemed like she knew something else. Keep her in your prayers, although I have a feeling God is already protecting her. 


Here is my earlier forum post: 

I sat in Dana Farber's infusion center Saturday morning as I do often looking for people who are in need of someone to pray with or willing to hear the word of God. Patients request these services and I attend to those who have requested religious comfort. Yesterday morning was quiet. I was sitting with a family who I visit daily when I noticed a young lady out of the corner of my eye. She sat in an infusion chair alone. I became curious why someone so young was alone and I began to observe her. She had a pleasant and sweet demeanor that struck me. Something about the way she carried herself peaked my curiosity. As I sat back and watched her, I noticed she was reading the Bible. I cautiously approached her, not wanting to invade her space, but she warmly welcomed me to sit with her. We began talking and I asked her what she was reading. She smiled and told me she was reading the gospel of Matthew. We continued to talk as I marveled at we comprehensive knowledge regarding scripture. I have dedicated forty years to devoutly studying the bible and this young girl seemed to know more than me. The whole time I sat with her I wondered what this girl knew that I didn't. She had a sense of peace and security that I began to desperately long for. I asked her how she remained so calm, while a world of fear and sickness unfolded around her. Again she gave me a little smile and said that she had faith. Admiring her response, I complimented her and said that she certainly had an unwavering faith. She just laughed and said it takes "only faith the size of a mustard seed to move mountains and doubt that very same size to hold God back". We continued to talk for a while before I had to go to meet with another patient but what she said about doubt stuck with me all through the day and night. This morning I stood before my congregation and discarded everything I intended to do. I began with a simple statement, that same response this young lady gave me. I am not an outgoing man and it was a will of God to bring me over to that patient yesterday. How could I, a man of God, receive so much insight from such a young person? I beseeched my congregation to hear the words of this patient. She said that it only takes doubt the size of that same mustard seed to hold God back. If you want God in your life, get rid of that doubt. Even the smallest piece can be holding you back. A reverend of thirty five years, I asked that young lady where her church was, wanting the same fulfillment and desire she had yesterday. To my surprise, the brilliant young lady was Pentecostal and goes to church right here in Brighton at Boston's United Pentecostal church. That girl was an angel from God for me yesterday asking me to reassess my faith. I ask that we all pray for this young woman, that she may continue to find peace and that she finds comfort in her illness. Whether she knows it or not- she changed my life and members of my congregation today. She made me, a reverend of 35 years, desire to have what she does. She attributes it all to God and her Pastor. Maybe Pastor Bennett has something to offer all of us like he did this little girl. I'm not sure, but what I do know is- that girl was meant to meet me and God certainly has a plan for us.

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