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The Indelible Marriage That Never Ends

When I was young, we had an indelible pencil. If you wet it with your tongue, it would make a mark that you could not erase. That is the way marriages ought to be. Unfortunately, there are too many things that tend to destroy the marriage commitment.

We are introduced to marriage through our parents, the best example being the father and mother team. We understand and appreciate the single parent, whether it is a male or female, but they cannot play both roles. Even when it appears the child or children are doing well, there are some emotional scars that cannot be seen, and most likely, they are never revealed.

Marriage creates a union that time bonds and the circumstances of life seals and shellacs the bond. No one can foresee how the situations of life will create that indelible bond or a breakable union. If a man does not grow old with his bride, his pride will see an old woman rather than a blushing bride. He will seek to replace the old woman with a more compatible mate through infedelity and divorce. Sometimes the man blames his inability to perform on the wife, blaming his failure of arousal (considered falling out of love) on the wife. She can no longer satisfy his sexual needs because of something as simple as a doctor's visit can correct. 

Too often, the marriage is based on physical attractions, prominent positions, financial accounting, or other things that change in time. When the changes come, the mind wanders and finds other lusts and interests to pursue. Sometimes a woman will gain weight because of rejection. There are others who lose weight because of depression. In either case, it is an unforeseen change that changes the makeup of the bride.

An indelible marriage evolves around the good and the bad of the marriage relationship. A good communication link will expose the weaknesses in a marriage. The machoism of a man will not allow him to tell his wife or go to a counsellor when the sexual experience fails. On the other hand, when the sexual drive of the wife ebbs, and she no longer has a desire to fulfil her duties as a wife, her rejection may cause some manner of dysfunction for her spouse.

When the marriage seems to falter, don't look for reasons for divorce, look for solutions to the problem. Usually there are simple solutions to seek and resolve the situation. Divorce may seem like an end, but it is never the solution. Even after good pre-marital counselling, sometimes separation and divorce sever the marriage bond.

Every divorce consideration should have an impartial mediator to which they can go to seek information that may bring the marriage back into focus. One good source for seeking marital advice is


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