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12:43 PM   [13 Oct 2012 | Saturday]

The Danger Of Doubt

Mathew 13:53-58

     Doubt can be a dangerous thing. In fact i believe that we will not truly see the damage that doubt has done in our lives untill we stand before Jesus in Heaven. Who knows the opportunities and blessings that we have missed because we refused to believe Gods word, allowing doubt to direct our path ?

     Doubt that God will help you may have caused you to say no when an opportunity to serve Him in your church came up. Doubt may gave caused you to keep quiet when you should have told your friend or family member about the salvation that is available in Christ. Doubt may have caused you to turn down that opportunity for advancement in your career, even though it was an opportunity sent by God and He wanted you to take.

     That is the danger of doubt. It causes us to miss things that God intended for us. The Bible tells the story of Jesus being in His home town of Nazereth and not doing many works there because of their unbelief. The people were full of doubt. They doubted because they reasoned that this was just Josephs Son, surely He was no one special.  It is clear that the people of that town missed out on healing and all the other things that Jesus would have done for them had they not doubted. What have you missed out on because of your doubt ? What good thing has God intended for you that you didnt receive because you responded with doubt ?

     When we respond to things with doubt we are being "negatively motivated". In other words our actions and decisions are being directed by something negative, our doubt. But if we respond in faith to the challenges and opportunities that God places before us we are being motivated by something positive, our faith in God. Which response will bring about the most positive outcome for your life ? Obviously the response of faith. God will always bless and honor true faith in Him and His word.

     The next time you are faced with a challenge or opportunity that you know God has placed before you respond in faith. Dont allow doubt to make the decision for you. Dont allow doubt to direct your path in life. The next tim you are faced with a trial of somekind respond with faith, refuse to allow yourself to respond with doubt. Trust God to help you and strenthen your faith. When we turn to Him in faith, even though our faith may be weak, small, and imperfect, when God sees it He will move into action on your behalf.

     Dont allow doubt to rob you of all that God has for you. Dont allow doubt to cause you to miss all that He has in store for you. instead choos to believe that God is exactly who He says He is and He will do exactly what He says that He will do. You will never regret responding in faith !

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