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  Religion & Philosophy

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alexmason (2)


12:58 PM   [14 Oct 2012 | Sunday]


Faith is the essence of the Christian belief. The entire principle of our religion is based purely on faith and it is the most importance aspect of being a true believer. If we examine the doctrine given to us from within the Bible, there is absolutely no evidence that any of it is, in fact, true. We do know certain events took place because both the Jews and the Romans were extremely accurate with their record keeping and kept voluminous reports of almost everything that occurred during these times, but the rest of the information that we get is from stories that may or may not be true. We know that there was a person named Jesus born to Mary and Joseph and we know that the records tell us that a man named Jesus was crucified. But, with the exception of those few events, we really know nothing to be absolutely true as the Bible tells us. So, we need to find a reason to believe that the rest of the information is true and that would be very difficult. It all comes down to faith…

But, there are different kinds of faith. There is the faith that we believe everything in the Bible is true and accurate and this is the kind of faith that Satan attacks constantly. Because there is no real evidence of many of the biblical events, he attempts to create doubt in our minds about certain claims that the Bible makes. Scientists are always coming up with various natural reasons why certain things happened on the earth, but after examination, they find a flaw in their theories and have no real evidence other than Divine intervention, but will never admit to that. So, we believe that everything occurred as the Bible tells us through faith. However, there are many individuals that have experienced certain events in their lives that cannot have happened without Divine intervention and their faith becomes very strong as a result. But, this faith is about things and events and is necessary to claim Christianity.

However, there is another kind of faith that requires more than just believing that certain events took place as the Bible tells us. This other faith is what makes us a Christian and not just claiming to be one. And, that is living in faith in accordance with the doctrine and principles given to us from within the stories and lessons… Saying that we believe is much different than living by what we say that we believe, and few actually do this. Jesus tells us many things that we should do and if we did, our lives would be without stress and we would find a sense of peace and contentment. But, obviously, few take the advice of Jesus because most people live with increasing stress as the world becomes more complicated and we cannot understand what we should do. But, the answer is simple and that is to have faith. As the world around us becomes more unstable, the importance of faith in the words of Jesus become more important because He tells us that no matter what happens, that we will be fine…

The world is upside down and it most likely is not going to get any better. The leaders of the world are totally unqualified to run their countries and create problems from which there is no recovery. But, a true believer need not be concerned with these problems because we have the promises of Jesus. Many people are finding that they cannot afford the life style that they would like to have or their entitlement checks are getting smaller and they become very worried as to how they will cope. The answer is very simple and that is to have faith. Not the faith that tells us that the Bible is accurate, but the faith that Jesus will always keep His promises that we will be fine no matter what happens to everyone else. Worrying never solved a problem nor changed it, in fact, it makes it more difficult to relax and calm down and believe in the words of our Lord, Jesus. He will never let us down, but we can create circumstances for ourselves with worry that cause us to miss the miracle that Jesus will give to solve all of our problems … So do not just claim faith, but live in faith and the more that you do, the easier life becomes because Jesus told us that and believing Him is called faith !!!

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alexmason | Sun Oct 14, 2012, 16:10

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Home run! What you wrote is just what Ive been needing to read! My life has just recently been turned aroung by God and through His Grace I want to stay with him forever until he takes me home!


midnightmum | Mon Oct 15, 2012, 20:10

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I agree! These are the very words I needed to read on the very day I needed to read them!

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